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The observance is obligatory for all asramas. On the whole, during the four-month period of Caturmasya one should practice giving up all food intended for sense enjoyment.

All of you will come to know of this later, but I now say this with great assurance. Therefore, in order to teach you, I sent you one verse, which reads as follows.

Indeed, they gathered so much that many holes were created in the road. It does not matter whether one is a grhastha or a sannyasi. This was His first acceptance of alms.

By His grace, all your business is successful. Thus He executed His last pastimes in three ways. Now You have appeared in order to deliver the whole caritanrta

Then, taking him on His lap, He began to speak to him. The two brothers submitted, “Dear Lord, You have incarnated to deliver the fallen souls. We wish that these lotus feet may also be awakened within our hearts, although we are only ordinary persons engaged in household affairs.

The Lord traveled all over India for six years. In other words, she cursed her son-in-law to die. Placing his lotus feet upon my head in great devotion, I shall now describe in summary the Lord’s final pastimes. Seeing the Lord, everyone became joyful out of love. I think that you should not be very interested in Him, for there is no profit in it. They would remain there for four continuous months and enjoy the company of the Lord.


His lamentation knew no bounds. Caturmasya should be observed by all sections of the population. There is no other object of mercy within the three worlds but us. We feel very much ashamed, standing here before You. Sometimes He laughed, and sometimes He cried; sometimes He danced, and sometimes He chanted in great sorrow.

His Divine Grace A.

He manifested His causeless mercy, pure love of God, to everyone, including the lowest man. When the devotees followed Him, He humbly begged them to remain and bade them all farewell.

The Lord enjoyed various pastimes in their company.

Category:Sri Caitanya-caritamrta – Madhya-lila Chapter 19

His Divine Grace A. Wherever the Lord visited, crowds of innumerable people came to see Him. No one knows My intentions.

In great humility, both brothers took bunches of straw between their teeth and, each binding a cloth around his neck, fell down like rods before the Lord. He mentally decorated both sides of the road with bakula flower trees, and at intervals on both sides he placed lakes of a transcendental mahdya.

We have come a long distance to see You. One should not eat fish or other nonvegetarian food during the month of Kartika.

In this way they delivered all rascals and fallen souls. Now I have given only a brief reference. Now you can go home.

Better that you question your own mind. I can understand your behavior from those letters. Therefore we cannot introduce ourselves to You. After caritanrta, the Lord embraced both of them and requested all of the devotees present to be merciful upon them and deliver them.


Therefore you can understand this better than I. These are the same moonlit nights of the month of Caitra. A nonvegetarian diet means fish and meat. Only upon his orders am I trying to chew the remnants of food that he has left.

Sri Caitanya Caritamrta Madhya-lila Chapter 16 Verse 65

At night He performed congregational chanting there. This four-month period is known as Caturmasya. I shall describe all these incidents elaborately later on. You are the only savior of the caritamra souls; therefore there is no one but You. All glories to the Supreme Personality!

We cannot understand such characteristics in Your behavior. The Lord then placed His two hands on the heads of both of them, and in return they immediately placed the lotus feet of the Lord on their heads.

There are fourteen planetary systems within the universe, and all living entities reside in those planetary systems.

Category:Sri Caitanya-caritamrta – Madhya-lila Chapter 23

The Lord remained unconscious until the afternoon, when He finally regained His consciousness. I have therefore given only a synopsis of those incidents, and whatever specifics were to be related have already been given in that synopsis. Indeed, our activities are exactly like those of the meat-eaters.