Used B&W DM Bookshelf speakers for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. B&W Group North America. T +1 E [email protected] B&W Group Asia Ltd. T + 2 E [email protected] DM There is lots of unusual in B&W DM speaker system. Faceplate is entirely cast of non-resonant polypropylene. The tweeter with metallic dome is “loaded” on.

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Matched well with equipment and song, the DMs offer strong value.

Some hardcore AV enthusiasts are scared n&w from smaller speakers by their perception bigger is better. Next I reached for the music of folk idol Bob Dylan from his release of the classic Highway 61 Revisited Columbia. The ProAcs Response 2Ses are relatively large stand-mounted speakers, and they cast a soundstage that’s deep and wide, as well as accurate.

Mounted on Osiris Audionics 24″ stands, the DMs were first powered, in a best-case scenario, with the same equipment used for the house reference speakers, ProAc Response 2S: The more flat thump of, say, house or electronic music seems to offer less for the DMs to chew on.

At 13″ high, nearly 8″ wide, and 9. Again the DMs did not flinch at the chaos. Smaller cabinets tend to interact less and often introduce less sonic coloration due to cabinet resonances — a major sonic issue with dynamic loudspeaker design. In most respects, the DMs appear to be conventional stand-mounted speakers. While the Nautilus series has been extremely well regarded among the upper echelon of recent loudspeaker designs, it lies out of reach of most consumers.


This is manifested in what at first seemed to be over-politeness. And like anyone who does, whether they gel with the party depends a b&ww on the crowd. This supposedly dm033 resonance inside the cabinet that can interfere with the driver itself, leading to unwanted distortions.

The DMs are more light than heat, and thus may pair more successfully with warmer rather than d,303 amplification and upstream equipment. Introduction When selecting a speaker for your music or home entertainment system, there are so many critical variables to consider including size, aesthetics, price and, lastly but surely not least, performance. The tambourine had definition and openness, yet was missing the extreme high-frequency information found in very expensive speakers.

B&W DM303 Bookshelf Speakers

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From same Dk303 disc, track 10 of soundstage maps and microphone techniques demonstrates with a cowbell that the DMs seemed roomier side to side, expanding well beyond the horizontal boundaries of the physical cabinets, than front to back. The loudspeakers are available in either maple or black vinyl finish — the review pair was maple flavored.

B&W DM Bookshelf Speakers user reviews : out of 5 – 55 reviews –

The question with the DMs, as with any speakers at nearly any price, is how well their compromises map onto your needs and wants as a listener. But while the DMs love a clean recording, and despite their flattery for the upper midrange, they do not apologize for the v&w or congested dm33 of overtired or under-schooled engineers.

Q Acoustics 5. As I expected, the metal tweeters got plenty of zing out of the shallow-body acoustic guitars played by Robert Fripp dmm303 his students. Also, speakers that are less visualy obtrusive can provide a more sonically dm3033 listening experience. The DM’s tweeter is a 1″ metal-dome design. For the first many hours, it seems as if everything interesting happens above surface with the DMs, if not entirely up in the clouds.


Home Audio Equipment Review. I didn’t use the sub during my first listening session, and I didn’t need to. Emotiva BasX System Review. They look good, are solidly built and sound great. First of all, they don’t sound their best when placed on shelves; stands are usually recommended.

The Primare is probably more amplifier than the DMs would be paired with in a typical environment, and any direct comparison to the ProAcs is without justification considering that they retailed for 12 times the price of the DMs when available.

Bookshelf speakers are typically low-priced mass-market speakers that, as the name states, are typically placed on a shelf and that is it. Speaker cables were Monster’s THX brand. Value “Matched well with equipment and song, the DMs offer strong value. Therefore, the manufacturers can afford to use better materials and or better cabinet bracing. Spacing of the posts should accommodate most terminations, although with thicker cables, the fit may be snug. The audio law is, the more sturdy and solid the stand, the better the speaker will sound.