Tawarruq personal financing using Bursa Suq Al Sila’. Commodity Supplier. Bursa Suq Al-Sila’/. Trading Platform. Commodity Buyer. Facility Agent. (Sub-Agent). USPSB. (Agent / Issuer). Facility Agent. (Sale Agent). by YBhg Dato Dr Nik Ramlah Nik Mahmood Managing Director, Securities Commission Malaysia at the BURSA SUQ AL-SILA’ SIGNING OF MEMORANDUM OF.

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With regard to the commodity, it is noted that many commodities used in the practice of organized tawarruq are spoiled commodities that no one would agree to purchase if they actually wanted the commodity for its own sake Al-Qara Daghi, The customer will then pay the amount and the profit to the party on a deferred-payment basis.

Wednesday, 31 Oct Volume9.

(Bursa Suq Al-Sila) – Islamic Finance News

BSAS is an Islamic commodity zila platform for the Islamic banking industry and capital market, introduced by Bursa Malaysia in Khaleeji Commercial Bank acquires more treasury shares on Bahrain Bourse; increases total holding to 9. Thursday, 05 May Volume It is expected to also enhance liquidity management for Islamic Financial Institutions.

Commodity suppliers such as Crude Palm Oil suppliers are also provided with an additional revenue source, says Dato Sika Mohamed Yusoff, chief executive officer of Bursa Malaysia.

The customer then sells back the commodity to the commodity market on spot for cash. He can be contacted at senapatie yahoo. Nevertheless, many industry players are still sceptical about the amount of CPO available for banks to transact, especially in the case of treasury operations, which normally involve huge transaction volumes.


It wuq accentuates the issue of transferring ownership or taking possession, which is required to be effected as one of the pillars of a valid contract.

With regard to potential redundancy in the commodities used, BSAS provides a fully electronic system that recognizes and verifies ownership through e-certificates. Wednesday, 26 Oct Volume8.

(Bursa Suq Al-Sila)

Tuesday, 25 Oct Volume Click here to sign up. Tuesday, 18 Oct Volume Wednesday, 12 Mar Volume The two platforms are claimed to provide genuine commodity transactions in which possession and delivery of the commodity can take place without any hindrance, as opposed to the controversial practice of tawarruq using a platform like the London Metal Exchange LME. Wednesday, 09 Apr Volume Contact Us Help Centre.

Do you have suggestions or feedback to help us improve? Usq the initial stage, crude palm oil will be used as the launch commodity. Goldilocks Investment Company acquires Submit Take Our Survey. This is done mainly to protect customer confidentiality as well as to address the accessibility issue, since the BSAS platform is only accessible to registered members who are mainly IFIs. He can be contacted at mahbubi isra.


Wednesday, 05 Sep Volume9. Wednesday, 11 Jan Volume The launch commodity is Malaysias star product, crude palm oil CPO.

Bank Negara Malaysia auctions three Islamic liqudity management facilities.

Wednesday, 16 Nov Volume8. Specifically, the study undertakes to answer the following research questions: Wednesday, 04 Jan Volume9: In fact, the mechanism of JFX Shariah is designed to make the delivery of commodities the first option in transactions to ascertain that the sale contract is real and not fictitious. The essence of Byrsa Suq Al-Sila, which embraces the commodity Murabahah concept, involves one party buying commodity at a certain cost and selling it to a customer at a cost-plus-profit basis.

Issues Pertaining to Agency BSAS has no specific measure to address the issue of authorization since the issue lies largely in the hands of the platform users.

The concept of tawarruq has gained wide acceptance among market players due to its flexibility, which allows IFIs to provide cash with predetermined fixed income, just as their conventional counterparts do.

This is particularly true in the case of transactions performed on the Burss. BSAS is a commodity trading platform specifically dedicated to facilitate Islamic liquidity management and financing by Islamic financial institutions.