ILE RPG Built-in-functions. %ABS – Absolute Value of Expression. %ADDR – Get Address of Variable. %ALLOC – Allocate Storage. %CHAR – Convert to. In addition, under OS/ V3R2 and V3R7 the %PARMS built-in function was introduced. Since then, several built-in functions have been added to RPG IV. ‘1’ if the most recent file input operation or write to a subfile (for a particular file, if specified) ended in an end-of-file or beginning-of-file condition.

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Note that if the parameter is a built-in function or expression that has a value computable at compile-time, the length returned is the actual number of digits of the constant value rather than the maximum possible value that could be returned by the expression. For a graphic literal, the size is the number of bytes occupied by the graphic characters, not including leading and trailing shift characters. Each BIF will execute a procedure call and return the result in place of the expressions.

The first parameter is the date, time, or timestamp value. So if the caller is written in another ILE language, it will need to pass an operational descriptor on the call.

For graphic data, the value returned includes the shift-in and shift-out characters. If the file parameter is omitted from the function, the status of the last file operation will be returned.

Bob Cozzi’s RPG IV Cheat Sheets

The parameter must be the name of an array, table, or multiple occurrence data structure. The length of the right-hand side is greater than or equal to the actual length of data addressed bulit the pointer. At first, I thought this was an oversight, until I learned of these functions.


It must be a 1-byte character constant literal, named constant or expression that can be evaluated at compile time. The maximum length that can be specified is When the parameter is a numeric literal, the length returned is the number of digits of the literal. Adding or subtracting a number of months to the 29th, 30th, or 31st day of a month may rgle be reversible.

The start parameter represents the starting position of the substring. The following example illustrates this difference. If the length of the right-hand side of the expression is longer than the specified length, the right-hand side value is truncated. If the buiilt is a constant, the conversion will be done at compile time. It must not be a prototype for a Java method.

Multiple parameters should be separated by a colon: When this function is evaluated for its value, it returns the current occurrence number of the specified data structure. Otherwise, this function returns ‘0’.

ILE RPG Built-in-functions

If the parameter has a value less than zero, exception is issued. Netty Franssen maakt ook bijzonder mooie dingen. The expression returns the first position in which the search string was found. When used on the right-hand functionns of an expression, this function returns the setting of the null indicator for the null-capable field. This method requires an Object of class Employee.

The syntax of built-in-functions is:. The second parameter, if specified, must be a numeric value with zero decimal positions. If the addition or subtraction would produce a nonexistent date for example, February 30the last day of the month is used instead. The precision and decimal places must be numeric literals, named constants that represent numeric literals, or built-in functions with a numeric value known at compile-time.


Marc’s Place

On you ask for the difference in microseconds between two timestamps that are more than 32 years 9 months apart, you will exceed the digit limit for duration values. For example, 61 minutes is equal to 1 hour, and 59 minutes is equal to 0 hours.

For more examples, see Figure and Figure Next to ILE Concepts. The starting rpble and length may be any numeric value or numeric expression with no decimal positions. The system knows the format of the input in this case. Otherwise, the result will be in decimal format with a leading negative sign if the value is negative, and without leading zeros.

Built-in Functions

The fieldname can be a null-capable array element, data structure, stand-alone field, subfield, or multiple occurrence data structure. The sequence the statement will be evaluated is as follows: Laat uw hond het jaarlijkse vuurwerk overwinnen. The result begins at the specified starting position in the variable and continues for the length specified.

The value returned will include separator characters fuhctions the format specified is followed by a zero. Sign-up for e-mail notifications. The second parameter is the funnctions format for character or numeric input.

The numeric expression must not be a float variable or expression.