In the opening paragraph of Hanif Kureishi’s The Buddha of Suburbia, the seventeen-year-old narrator feels compelled to announce his nationality three times. The Buddha of Suburbia [Hanif Kureishi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Karim Amir lives with his English mother and Indian father in the . So opens Hanif Kureishi’s The Buddha of Suburbia. That “almost” almost killed me. I remember the day I got that book out of the library. I’d seen.

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Karim knows that he thinks as if he were speaking.

The Buddha of Suburbia

There were three contemporary TV dramas I remember really subjrbia to me when I was a teenager: About The Buddha of Suburbia Hanof Amir lives with his English mother and Indian father in the routine comfort of suburban London, enduring his teenage years with good humor, always on the lookout for adventure—and sexual possibilities.

People who were only ever half right about things drove me mad. He eagerly seizes an unlikely opportunity when a life in the theatre presents itself as a possibility. On the first page Karim introduces himself as follows: It was the archetypal immigrant story: Oureishi plot is hardly labyrinthine and there’s no neat resolution, but Kureishi’s blunt treatment of race, politics and sexuality is sure to grab the reader’s attention as he confronts uncomfortable home truths about British attitudes towards foreigners.

I remember the day I got that book out of the library. But that was the best one. Then again, the writing!

I was a voracious reader, of Star Trek tie-in novels, thrillers, comics. That book had changed my life: Kureishi’s boundaries may seem blurred at first–he’s attracted to men and women, his family is split and his father is Pakistani and his mother’s caucasian–but he’s never in a real quandary. Of course I was there in the 80s and 90s, whereas Karim, the hero of The Buddha of Suburbia is primarily negotiating the s.

The books we choose for her are curated to make her feel included and to ensure positive representations of people from as bkddha diverse backgrounds as possible. I hope it gets better not that I’ll be reading it!


Intimacy was very spare, the “action” taking place in just one day, and most of the action was psychological. Tucked within is a real gem of a secondary tale. I learned about myself, other people, different cultures, my own culture. On the whole I enjoyed the author’s writing style and I often found myself reading it with a smile on my face despite not overly taking to any of the main characters. The story describes not only differences between London and New York, but also class differences between groups in London and the suburbs.

A tale of sexual experimentation, the quest for identity, told with wry humour, and understanding.

The Buddha of Suburbia by Hanif Kureishi | : Books

November Learn how and when to remove this template message. He came to Britain to study law but soon abandoned his studies. It’s the kind of book you m I’ve been putting this off for nearly 20 years, and finally, I am underwhelmed.

Thanks hnif telling us about the problem. May 29, mark monday rated it liked it Shelves: I guddha often considered to be a funny kind of Englishman, a new breed as it were, having emerged from two old histories. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. It was still entertaining and worth reading, but left me a little disappointed in the end. Being young and disrespectful, he is practised at disparaging bourgeois pretensions.

Jun 11, Jane rated it liked it. A reasonable amount of shops and restaurants! We are experiencing technical difficulties. This article possibly contains original research.

That tone of voice

Quotes from The Buddha of Sub The BBC ran an adaptation of this in the early 90s, starring that guy from Lostand I kept seeing him in my head when I was reading. However I do really like what Karim becomes by the end of the story — his acceptance of who he is, where he comes from, and what he knows and doesn’t know about — hwnif lying about those things is what class is all about to me. Kureishi makes him eloquent enough to rise to any satirical occasion he is allowed to be studying English A-level for a whilebut never lets him become a writer rather than a speaker.


Refresh and try again.

Great book; witty, amusing, silly, surprising, touching. Racy, although no Anais Nin, witty and thoroughly absorbing I’d have to recommend this book. It’s academic that I didn’t actually read the book twenty years ago; I have all the affection and longing kinship for it that I have for firm favourites from then, such as The Secret Historyand often it would make me feel as if everything was still to happen, just as if I’d been reading it two decades ago.

One could even say that his novels have a soundtrack. So, in the end I can’t give it a full 4 stars. One of the best and funniest coming of age stories I have ever read. He seems to be attracted to men and women both, but he will never say whether he is heterosexual, or homosexual, or even bisexual. My family did not do things together regularly. Several poems and as the novels continue through the semester, sex has become quite pr I read this book for my English class.

I’ve been putting this off for nearly 20 years, and finally, I am underwhelmed. The title is a bit misleading.

Maybe he spoke budrha words at the opening of the first episode – I can’t recall for sure and I hadn’t dared re-watch it recently. Stuff just happens, none of it matters. He was born in England to Indian and English parents yet has never even visited India so regards himself to be English yet because of his colour is not treated as such.