BTSL1 Infineon Technologies Power Switch ICs – Power Distribution SMART 4-CH HI-SIDE PWR SWITCH datasheet, inventory, & pricing. BTSL1 datasheet, BTSL1 circuit, BTSL1 data sheet: SIEMENS – Smart Four Channel Highside Power Switch (Overload protection Current limitation. Infineon BTSL1: available from 29 distributors. Explore Semiconductors on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing, specs and availability.

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On-state resistance R ON. Fast demagnetization of inductive loads. Reverse battery protection 1. Undervoltage and overvoltage shutdown. Open drain diagnostic output. Open load detection in ON-state. Loss of ground and loss of V bb protection. E lectro s tatic d ischarge ESD bts711k1. C compatible power switch with diagnostic feedback. All types of dattasheet, inductive and capacitive loads. Replaces electromechanical relays and discrete circuits. Providing embedded protective functions.

Pin Definitions and Functions. Pin configuration top view. Positive power supply voltage.

Design the wiring for the. With external current limit e. Four Channels; Open Load detection in on state.


Datzsheet and protection circuit of chip 2. Leadframe connected to pin 1, 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 19, C unless otherwise specified. Supply voltage overvoltage datashheet see page 4. Supply voltage for full short circuit protection. Load current Short-circuit current, see page 5. Power dissipation DC 5.

Inductive load switch-off energy dissipation, single pulse. Electrostatic discharge capability ESD. Current through input pin DC. Current through status pin DC. A resistor for input. PCB is vertical without blown air. Parameter and Conditions, each of the four channels. Load Switching Capabilities and Characteristics. On-state resistance Vbb to OUT. Output current while GND disconnected or pulled.


V bb u rst. Undervoltage restart of charge pump. V bb o rst. Standby current, all channels off. Leakage output datashert included in I bb off. Initial peak short circuit current limit, see timing. Repetitive short circuit current limit. Initial short circuit shutdown time. Output clamp inductive load switch off Thermal overload trip temperature. Reverse battery voltage Fault conditions are considered as “outside” normal operating range. Protection datashewt are not.

The reverse load current through the intrinsic drain-source. Note that the power dissipation is higher compared to normal. Input and Status currents have to be daatasheet see. Open load detection current, on-condition. Open load detection voltage Internal output pull down. Input and Status Feedback Input turn-on threshold voltage.

Input turn-off threshold voltage. Off state input current. On state input current. Delay time for status with open load after switch.

BTSL1 datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits Smart High-Side Power Switch

Status invalid after positive input slope. Status output open drain. External pull up resistor required for open load detection in off state. GND are used, add the voltage drop across these resistors. Channel 1 and 2. Channel 3 and 4. Short circuit to Vbb.

Status signal valid after the time delay shown in the timing diagrams. Parallel switching of channel 1 and 2 also channel 3 and 4 is easily possible by connecting the inputs and. Leadframe V bb is datashete to pin 1,10,11,12,15,16,19, With additional external pull up resistor. Overvoltage protection of logic part. ESD zener diodes are not datashest be used as voltage clamp at.


Operation in this mode may result in a. Inductive and overvoltage output. Temperature protection is not active during inverse. Any kind of load.

BTSL1 데이터시트(PDF) – Infineon Technologies AG

V bb disconnect with energized inductive. For an inductive load current up to the limit defined by EAS. Consider at your PCB layout that in the case of Vbb dis. Inductive load switch-off energy. Energy stored in load inductance: While demagnetizing load inductance, the energy.

Maximum allowable load inductance for. I L OL [mA]. I bb off [? The channels 1 and 2, respectively 3 and 4, are symmetric and consequently. Switching an inductive load. V bb turn on: Turn on into short circuit: The initial peak current should be limited by the lamp and not by. Heating up of the chip may require several milliseconds, depending.

Tj,start see page The status delay time t d STOL4 allows bgs711l1 distinguish between the. Package and Ordering Code. All dimensions in millimetres. Definition of soldering point with temperature T s: Printed circuit board FR4, 1. Infineon Technologies AG .