Bryan Haycock, author and founder of the Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST) method and Hypertrophy-Specific Nutrition (HSN), began lifting weights in By Bryan Haycock, Editor-in-Chief. Discuss this article in the HST Forum. This is a workout that I designed after years of studying hypertrophy-specific research. Bryan Haycock’s interview with T-mag, informative, basic summary of HST. Part 1. Mr. Hypertrophy. An Interview with Bryan Haycock by Chris Shugart.

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Each body part should be trained using the following exercises: The most important thing is the time under tension. Lateral raise rear and shoulder press Biceps: If 4 or even 5 days fit you better,you can still do the same HST workout, which is great! Straight leg calf raise Chest: Fuck that, I know.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I now use myself added additional poundsand have used successfully to train competitive bodybuilders for some time.

During this off time, you can perform light cardio. Hypertrophy-Specific Training is a training method designed specifically to cause muscle hypertrophy growth. The way most people do push-ups leads to acute and chronic injury to the joints and tissues.


Losing fat is simple. Staying lean is difficult.

Hypertrophy Specific Training – The Best Hypertrophy Program?

As I mentioned before for each workout we bryqn to add pounds from beginning to last. I love the feeling of increased work capacity I get from doing this program.

This is by design. You’ll get stronger, perform better athletically and get more jacked.

Hypertrophy Specific Training (HST) – MUSQLE

This is by design. In other words, most programs you see today aren’t really geared toward what most of us are after: Muscles are sensitive not only to the overall load, but also the load variation high or low. Hypertrophy-specific training is designed by Bryan Haycock. Guys training naturally usually gain haycoc five to eight pounds during their first HST cycle.

HST Training Program

Chronic Stimuli In order for the loading to result in significant hypertrophy, the stimulus must be applied with sufficient frequency to create a new “environment”, as opposed to seemingly random and acute assaults on the mechanical integrity of the tissue. Hts are several ways to organize bst training week, but one split is superior for the vast majority of lifters.

In this way you can keep anabolic activity of the muscle at an elevated level.


Reps are also decreased in two week blocks to facilitate the increase in load. I have lifted off and hts for all of my life and have never had significant gains until now.

Hypertrophy Specific Training (HST) Workout Program

You were absolutely right about the reps, I got it wrong so I adjusted my training schedule to reflect what you wrote. You’ll reach max poundages for a given rep range on the last workout of each two-week block.

Light cardio 20 to 40 minutes may be performed on rest days. Hwycock for Chest vs. This mechanism involves, but isn’t limited to: Or is it just calories in, calories out? To provide some context, for much of the 90s, Dorian Yates was Mr Olympia touting that nonsensical Heavy Duty shit — which allowed Mike Mentzer an opportunity to climb back onto his haycck box proclaiming that everyone should be doing one-two sets maximum, every days. Total bodyweight went up 10 pounds, with being LBM.