“She’s a powerful writer with an imagination that most of us would kill for. I have read everything she has written and am in awe of her many gifts. And her. When Nalo Hopkinson, Canada’s popular fantasy fiction writer, first learned that her Brown Girl in the Ring, the title of Hopkinson’s first novel (published by. Novel Brown Girl in the Ring, by Nalo Hopkinson. I’ve been telling people about Nalo Hopkinson’s book. It is great.” -OCTAVIA BUTLER “Impressive, energetic.

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The magic comes alive for the rest of the novel when Tony seeks help from the spiritualism of Gros-Jeanne. Brown Girl in the Ring is a very eerie virl, but definitely a good one. She wants to show that they experienced love and sex, not just sadness and pain.

Brown Girl in the Ring (novel) – Wikipedia

I’ve been telling people about Nalo Hopkinson’s book. This was the first speculative fiction story I had found actually situated in a Canadian city, naming buildings and things I knew of.

But Hopkinson writes the kind of stories that transcend literary boundaries. Ti-Jeanne and her grandmother have the skill of healing passed through the generations, they also have contact with the spirit world and practice Obeah. Lists with This Book. Read reviews that mention brown girl girl in the ring science fiction nalo hopkinson octavia butler inner city recommend this book urban decay warner aspect subject matter future toronto caribbean magic main character book for anyone get used speculative fiction looking for something ring takes urban fantasy aspect first novel.

I was able to gorl the ruins of the places that Ti-Jeanne visited and actually that made it quite scary! Hopkinson read whatever volume she came across, including Homer and Shakespeare. I must admit that when I first started this hppkinson, it was a little confusing with the multiple characters and names being thrown at me so quickly and with little background on who they were. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Nalo Hopkinson presents strong female characters who take control of their fate to make change in the world.


See and discover other items: Complications arise finding a suitable donor in time, so they reach out to Rudy Sheldon, criminal overlord of Toronto, to get them a human heart, stat.

Strange Horizons – Brown Girl in the Ring by Nalo Hopkinson By Dan Hartland

It comes recommended by Octavia Butler Many writers and other literary types have been concerned as of late giirl the idea of queering science fiction, fantasy, and other kinds of speculative fiction, which have an unfortunate but not entirely undeserved reputation of glorifying certain kinds of white homophobic masculinity. The rest of this review has been withheld due to the changes in Goodreads policy and virl. Ti-Jeanne breathes through her mouth clear through to the end of the book.

Ti-Jeanne finally confides her visions to her grandmother, who reveals that her mother was afflicted with similar visions and was eventually driven mad by them.

I can now see how wonderful the premise was of Hopkinson’s protagonist, a young woman who was a person of colour, who was also a nursing mother, and who was the central figure in this story that wove Caribbean stories, tales and spirits in throughout the tale, and that examined the complicated relationships between different generations of women.

Although Hopkinson says she currently earns enough income to support herself, her financial situation is tight. This novel teems with life and seems to expand beyond its pages. Here, she’s the heroine, and Ti-Jeanne’s journey to find courage, trust herself, and grow into a powerful woman is just glorious to read. The women are fenced in just as the Temagami are trapped by colonialism or Rudy’s henchmen by the will to power by patriarchal structures, and most specifically by the abuse and disrespect they have received at the hands of the men in their lives.

Also, I’m not a fan of spirits and magic or voodoo- whatever is the most appropriate term. A nasty bunch of thugs existing in a cesspool of humanity stirred with voudou symbolism and the personalities of the after world that the spiritual practice recognizes.

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You are special because you are you, and no one else can say that. Mars Crossing by Geoffrey A. While I appreciated and even empathized with Ti-Jeanne’s struggles with rinng a mother, loving a man that’s “no good” for her, and trying to assert herself as a woman to her grandmother, it took me a while to connect with her character.


The inhabitants of the city get along by barter and people grow things and there is still some trade with the outside world. I have to say I didn’t quite know if I’d hopminson out of this one loving it. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. The situation only gets worse when he involves his relationship with Ti- and Gros-Jeanne with his business with the posse.

I hated all the human men in the book: I really enjoyed this novel; Nalo Hopkinson does a great job creating an alien setting in the familiar city of Toronto. I know this book is classified as na,o fiction, but honestly, it ding more like urban fantasy to me. You will hear people from Haiti and Cuba and Brazil and so call them different names” p. Plot-wise, it was quite gritty and intense at some points. Brown Girl in the Ring remains fresh because it remains hopeful.

A bit of a mixed bag. Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian.

They’ve blocked the people from leaving the hellhole its become, but those who have money move to the suburbs are allowed to keep their illusion of safety while those who don’t are forced to stay in Toronto and fend for themselves, which is largely made of a society of people of color. From its depiction of a near-future Toronto hollowed out at a broken centre—which reflects with eerie extremity the current experience of Detroit—to its profoundly intersectional themes of power, identity, and solidarity, the novel speaks to our moment somehow with a greater urgency than it may even have done at the time of its writing.