Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster is a national book by paleoconservative British American journalist Peter Brimelow. Thomas Sowell, Hoover Institution Alien Nation Also by Peter Brimelow The Wall Street Gurus: How You Can Profit from Investment Newsletters The Patriot. Peter Brimelow challenges this view in Alien Nation and in doing so raises fundamental issues of political theory. Brimelow begins by building a prima facie case.

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But suppose these Americans were right about the Indians. Is it what Americans want? Well, in this section, we will iron out these wrinkles once and for all.

Virtually halted by restrictions imposed in the nineteenth century, this had already begun to rise after these restrictions were lifted during World War II. Brimelow’s message is as badly aliem today as Thomas Paine’s was in 1 See Chart 7, below.

They are concerned that the U. Arguably, bdimelow proposed federal legislation would not have helped here because Ferguson bought his gun legally, in California, which already requires proof of identity and a fifteen-day waiting period. But at least those assets were impersonally owned by the State. Would-be demagogues should note that I do not so use it here. They will verge on being separate nations. There is no point in repelling readers, at least those who show Ms. Whatever else the IRCA legislation was supposed to do, it has quite clearly failed to control illegal immigration.

This inability to expel asylum seekers once they set foot in the United States is why both the Bush and Clinton administrations were forced to order the interception of boats carrying would-be illegal immigrants from Haiti on the high seas. See Chap- ter 6, below.

Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster

Randall All Rights Reserved Contact: In that year, the Census Bureau projects that just less than 64 percent of Americans will be white. Leon Bouvier thinks it will have occurred by It goes something like this: By contrast, almost all the other countries in the industrialized First World are expected to stabilize see Chart 10, below. If indeed it does not prove terminal.


Thus the UN estimates that million people today live in areas subject to soil erosion, floods and other environ- mental hazards.

And they were crazy, some of them, or at least extremely odd. And this brings us to another of this book’s central themes: The Crisis Returns 34 4. The reality, of course, is that ethnic ebb and flow is central to the history of American immigration. Evading Alien Nation thesis about the workings of the Immigration Act is unusually important for libertarian immigration enthusiasts—for example, it was also repressed by Alan Bock in the Orange County Registe r, Stephan Chapman in the Chicago Tribune and, needless to say, by John J.

Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster – Wikipedia

And that’s usually the first step that leads to emigration. In Decembera Jamaican immigrant admitted as a student but stayed, illegal status automatically regularized after marriage to a U. Nnation came the Immigration Act. Which missed the point completely. Faced with an argument that disturbs him emotionally, he compulsively lies about it, like a lunatic exposing himself to a nubile woman. Immigration is responsible for a virtually unique American peculiarity: See Chart 2, below.

Apr 01, Junaid rated it did not like it. Im- hrimelow levels did surge upward. On the other hand, the optimists are quite right about the Indus- trial Revolution. No trivia or quizzes yet. Perhaps it is immigration enthusiasts, not immigration critics, who should be examining their motives.

Personally, I doubt it will prove possible to run the United States, or any other society, on this principle. Which leads us aliwn an important conclusion: My view beimelow that the ethnicity of immigrants is not significant, so long as the nation maintains its ability to assimilate those immigrants and the pace of immigration is slow enough for that process to work, as it did in the past.


And maybe it is. Politicians of all parties are now making noises about addressing the problem. Of course, I had p.

The INS estimates that 12 to 13 million legal and illegal immigrants will enter the United States during the decade of the s. Unlike other immigration waves in American history, this latest wave shows absolutely laien sign of receding anytime in the foresee- able future.

Unfortunately, and greatly to the discredit of the American political elite, there is no longer a respectable language in which to express it.

ALIEN NATION, by Peter Brimelow – The Unz Review

Then, immigrants came overwhelmingly from Europe, no matter how different they seemed at the time; now, immigrants are overwhelmingly visible minorities from the Third World. Though the concept of “assimilation” is open vrimelow many interpretations, it is difficult to argue that efforts should not be made to integrate immigrants into the political community.

Nor is there any particular reason to suppose that it will. Human beings, they say, have the intelligence to adapt to conditions.

He tiptoes on the edge of sounding racist he often questions whether it is in the best interest of the USA to dramatically alter its ethnic and cultural base without so much as having had one serious debate on the matter in the Natoon Optimists argue, essentially, that human beings are not butterflies. He could purge National Review f natjon his footnotes, and he did.

It is a measure of the public health problem— infection can be spread by even brief contacts.