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The Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Breitling is famous for its world-renowned pilot’s watches and chronographs. Highlights include watches with split-seconds chronographs and presiliste timepieces with smartwatch capabilities and distress signals. A Trusted Seller is distinguished by special reliability and trustworthiness in his dealings with Chrono24 and its users.

Breitlimg is the most renowned Swiss manufacturer of pilot’s watches. The company has enjoyed an exceptional reputation in this sector for decades. Its catalog includes the legendary Navitimer as well as high-tech pieces with quartz movements and special functions.

Many Breitling timepieces are designed to meet the demands of modern aviation. They can analyze flight data and send distress signals in case of emergency. That being said, the manufacturer ultimately stands for attractive and robust luxury watches, each with high-quality technology and a consistent design.

This isn’t only true of their pilot’s watches: Breitling also offers a wide array of underwater timepieces. Diving watches from the Superocean and Avenger collections have long been winning over technology-oriented watch fans.

Though it was first introduced inthe Navitimer 8 also includes design elements inspired by historic watches. All in all, the Brditling catalog is made up of several collections composed of desirable retro watches as well as state-of-the-art timepieces. Most of the watches are powered by mechanical movements. Inthe Grenchen-based company introduced their own caliber, the B01, with a chronograph function. One highlight is the Navitimer B03 Chronograph Rattrapante 45 with a split-seconds chronograph that was developed in-house.

It’s impossible to separate the Breitling brand from the Navitimer model. This world-famous pilot’s watch with chronograph functionality and a slide rule bezel first entered the market in and remains the Grenchen-based manufacturer’s most successful model to date.

Current stainless steel versions with the in-house B01 chronograph caliber cost around preislidte, USD new. Pre-owned pieces go for about 5, USD. This pilot’s watch has a mm case.

Breitling from

The variant in karat rose gold costs around 15, new and almost 12, USD pre-owned. If you prefer the especially uncluttered, mm stainless steel edition, be sure to set aside around 6, USD for a never-worn model.

A pre-owned model comes in at about 5, USD. You can get one of the mm rattrapante chronographs with the in-house caliber B03 for about 9, USD. The rose gold version with a split-seconds or rattrapante chronograph is significantly more expensive at over 30, USD. Older Navitimer chronographs without an in-house caliber are markedly more affordable.

Breitling Katalog 2010 Chronolog Catalogue Mit Preisliste

The automatic Valjoux caliber ticks away in many of these models. For fans of vintage watches, early Navitimer models with the reference number are particularly interesting.

Those made of stainless steel are especially sought-after and cost between 3, and 12, USD depending on their condition. The manually-wound Venus caliber powers most ref.


Watches with the Valjoux caliber 72 are extremely rare. This movement is also wound by hand and was only used in the Navitimer for a short period of time in the mids.

Breitling announced the release of the Navitimer 8 prior to Baselworlddrawing the attention of the entire industry to the brand and series. Although this line bears the name of the famous Breitling pilot’s watch, these watches don’t look like Navitimers at first glance. This is mostly due to the lack of a slide rule bezel, which enables the wearer to calculate distances, average speeds, and climb and descent rates. The Navitimer 8 has a bidirectional fluted bezel and is best suited for measuring periods of time thanks to its arrow markers.

The design of the new collection is inspired by onboard instruments from years gone by. Even the ‘8’ in the name has historic origins: It comes from the Huit Aviation department founded by Willy Breitling in The French word “huit” means “eight. The ‘eight’ in the department’s name originated from the fact that their onboard clocks had an eight-day power reserve.

The Navitimer 8 has a maximum power reserve of 70 hours, or almost three days. Currently, this collection includes chronographs, world timers, versions with day and date displays, simple three-hand editions with a date, and a mm model with three hands and a left-sided crown.

The mm timepiece is inspired by the watches worn by bomber pilots during World War II. At its introduction, the list price for a stainless steel Navitimer 8 B01 Chronograph 43 with an in-house caliber was 8, USD with a leather strap and 9, USD with a steel bracelet. On Chrono24, you can find both editions for as little as 6, USD.

Breitling to Complete Pricelist Grid

The variant in karat rose gold costs around 18, USD new and comes with a brown crocodile leather strap. Chronographs featuring the Valjouxwhich Breitling calls caliber 13, are much less expensive. You can get one of these stopwatches starting at 4, USD. Three-hand models with a date display at 6 o’clock are even more affordable at 3, USD.

In addition to numerous pilot’s watches, Breitling also offers robust diving watches. For example, the Avenger II Seawolf is water resistant to 3, m bar, 9, ft and is quite massive with its mm diameter and height of At 44, 42, or 36 mm, the Superocean II feels a bit more classic.

The smallest version is water resistant to m 20 bar, ft and is more geared toward women. The largest edition is water resistant to 1, m bar, ft and comes in at 2, USD pre-owned and 3, USD new. These wristwatches are contemporary reinterpretations of earlier models from the s. Some features of the current collection include fluted ceramic bezels, tapered indices, a sword-shaped minute hand, and an arrow-shaped hour hand.

You can get a new, mm chronograph from this collection for 4, USD. A pre-owned piece costs just under 3, USD. Sincemm chronographs with the B01 in-house caliber are available; list prices start around 8, USD. If you prefer a cleaner dial, you should take a closer look at the retro three-hand variants. The three-hand watch is also available as a mm model at prices around 3, USD. You will find Breitling’s most elegant and versatile timepieces in their Transocean collection.


Top models in this line have chronograph and world time functions, making them perfect for frequent travelers. However, there are also classic watches with three hands and day and date displays. The cases of these dress watches come in stainless steel or karat red gold. For the band, you can choose between crocodile leather or braided steel. A never-worn red gold model costs about 13, USD. Pre-owned Day-Date models are harder to find, making them only slightly less expensive.

Pre-owned editions cost about 1, USD less. The Chronomat and the Avenger are some of the most distinctive and masculine Breitling watches out there. Measuring between 44 and 50 mm in diameter and over 17 mm thick, these timepieces are best suited to larger arms and short sleeve shirts. The famous American rapper Ludacris is also known to wear a massive Breitling timepiece, though he prefers the Super Avenger.

You will need to spend almost 6, USD for a new example of this mm watch. Pre-owned examples are markedly less expensive at around 4, USD. The mm Avenger Hurricane is constructed of lightweight black Breitlight, a material made up of composite fibers developed by Breitling.

It is significantly lighter than stainless steel and very scratch-resistant. This timepiece costs about 7, USD new. Models in this price range include the in-house caliber B Older versions with the Valjoux are much less expensive and cost as little as 2, USD pre-owned.

If you’re lucky, you may even find one for under 2, USD.

peeisliste The Navitimer is usually the first watch that comes to mind when people think of Breitling. This pilot’s watch, preislste its striking black dial, was originally introduced in Its scales enable a number of preidliste aviation calculations. For example, one can calculate speed, flight time, climb and descent rates, distance, and fuel consumption using the Navitimer. It’s not just a watch, it’s a specialized aviation calculator.

Today, modern cockpit instruments can also provide this information, but they can’t replace the Navitimer’s charm. The significance of this watch within Breitling’s product line is revealed by the name of its caliber: This automatic caliber has a chronograph function and can time periods of up to 12 hours.

Its power reserve lasts for around 70 hours.

The case is available in either karat rose gold or stainless steel. The standard version has a diameter of 43 mm, though mm and mm versions are also available.


Furthermore, it is available with additional complications, such as a second time zone. The Navitimer is water resistant to 30 m 3 bar, 98 ft. The Montbrillant is another pilot’s watch from Breitling which closely resembles the Navitimer and features a white dial as well as the same 01 caliber. An entirely different yet equally legendary Breitling pilot’s watch is the Emergency from the Professional series.

This watch brreitling helped save lives sincethanks to its built-in prwisliste call transmitter.