Rosi Braidotti: Thinking as a nomadic subject. Date. 7 October Location. ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry. This lecture was given at. Rosi Braidotti’s Nomadic Subjects has made a substantial contribution to the fields of continental philosophy and feminist theory, and her conceptual analysis is. Nomadic Subjects: Embodiment and Sexual Difference in Contemporary Feminist Theory (Gender and Culture Series) [Rosi Braidotti] on * FREE*.

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For more than fifteen years, Nomadic Subjects has guided discourse in continental philosophy and feminist theory, exploring the constitution of contemporary subjectivity, especially the concept of difference within European philosophy and political theory.

Rosi Braidotti’s creative style vividly renders a productive crisis of modernity. From a feminist perspective, she nomqdic embodiment, sexual difference, and complex concepts through relations to technology, historical events, and popular culture. This thoroughly revised and expanded edition retains all but two of Braidotti’s original essays, including her investigations into epistemology’s relation to the “woman question;” feminism and biomedical ethics; European feminism; and the possible nraidotti between American feminism and European politics and philosophy.


A new piece integrates Deleuze and Guattari’s concept of the “becoming-minoritarian” more deeply into modern democratic thought, and a chapter on methodology explains Braidotti’s methods while engaging with her critics. A new introduction muses on Braidotti’s provocative legacy. Braidott all of those seeking a positive turn building on the powerful critique that so influenced the academy in recent decades, Rosi Braidotti offers an understanding of philosophy—of thinking—that she views as crucial to creative production.

At a time rbaidotti intellectual discourse is becoming increasingly disciplinary, Braidotti opens a path for broad discussion and debate.

Elizabeth Weed, director, Pembroke Center, Brown University The second edition of Nomadic Subjects by Rosi Braidotti rightly proves that this book’s legacy is well and alive after 15 years of its first publication Her book in general is full of inspiration for change and a provocative call for braidottii to move forward.

Mujde Kliem, Foucault Studies.

By Way of Nomadism 2. Context and Generations 3. Sexual Difference Theory 4.


On the Female Feminist Subject: From “She-Self” to “She-Other” 5. Sexual Difference as a Nomadic Political Project 6.

Nomadic Subjects

Organs Without Bodies 7. Images Without Imagination 8.

Mothers, Monsters, and Machines 9. Deleuze and the Becoming-Woman of Philosophy Men in Feminism Geometries of Passion—a Conversation Bibliography Index.

Rosi Braidotti: Thinking as a nomadic subject | Rosi Braidotti

Watch a video for Rosi Braidotti’s work. About the Author Rosi Braidotti was born in Italy, raised in Australia, graduated from the Sorbonne in Paris, and became the founding professor of the women’s studies program in Utrecht. Series Gender and Culture Series.