The Boog Sketchbook: Brand new stylish Boog sketches with the unmistakeable Chicano style of the master himself. Raw sketches to finished designs t. The Boog Sketchbook. by Boog. Ringbound sketchbook by the master of Chicano style tattooing, Boog. While it doesn’t compare to his flash collection book. Learn to draw, paint, and be creative! Sketchbook Skool offers one-of-a-kind online video classes with top illustrators and designers that will help you learn to .

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I thought it was too late for me to study art or design, so I never did.

Square crop works best on Instagram, horizontal crop is better on Twitter, vertical is best for Pinterest, and who knows what Facebook prefers these days. Posted on December 11, by Suhita Shirodkar.

Free Brushes for SketchBook: Expressive Painting Set

The whole accordion fold is at the top and then some favorites, close-up. Also, mostly drawing on my birthday, that one I love! This is my local post office on Dent Avenue in San Jose.

But here is what I do know: Workshop includes all materials and a gourmet lunch each day. Here are some smetchbook To me it looks fabricated, and not at all like someone was actually doing sketchbbook creative work on that desk.


Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. For my blog post images and video covers, I like to leave plenty of white space sketchboook the sktchbook or below the sketchbook so Sketchblok can fit in the text. Another alternative is to take photos outside, but not in direct sunlight overcast sky, or in the shade work best. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Nela at The rest, style and content, you have that bit down already!

I only realized I want to do it for a living when people boo offering me money to design their websites. I’d suggest trying out the following: The above 3 photos are taken with the same phone, have the same resolution, and are pulled straight from the camera no editing or filters applied so you can see what a difference the light makes even with the most basic photo gear.

I picked a red and green pear, because, why not? I rarely use it because the time it takes me to set up the tripod is not even worth it when I only need to snap a photo of a single drawing.

Don’t tell your parents I told you this, but I think they’re wrong ; You see, I’ve sjetchbook went to art or design school, I’ve learned everything by myself, at home.

Posted in californiawatercolor Tagged location drawingmorro baymorro rockplein airurban sketchingwatercolor 8 Comments. The downside of scanning your sketchbooks or work-in-progress art is that the context is lost. How has your sketching been going in the middle of this holiday frenzy?


What you need is good light and a good background. Good chatting, and some good book recommendations too. Join 7, other followers.

Boog’s The Boog Sketchbook

Since you also need good light for drawing, your drawing desk should be well lit, so there would be no need for finding a different place for taking photos.

Thank you very much! Hi,im a fellow Croat,I am 14 years old. I just loved to create pictures, that’s it. The short answer is: I like the simplicity of your shots and I boob you commenting on my pictures.

How to take great sketchbook photos | Nela Dunato Art & Design

Tara at It bopg me a while to get to grips with it, and I still have a bit to learn, but just knowing a few of the things you’ve shared in this post would’ve been so helpful to me early on.

Good light can be easily achieved by taking photos in daylight next to your window.

I really like gouache. Don’t let your parents tell you otherwise.