You are here: Home · User Manuals · Inverters and Energy Recovery · Operating instruction; ACU Operating Instructions Frequency Inverter V / V. The safety instructions and information on use in this documentation must be Please note, that Bonfiglioli Vectron does not take any responsibility for the. 02/ Operating Instructions Agile. 3 Please note, that Bonfiglioli Vectron does not take any responsibility for the compatibility of external products (e.g.

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Control Inputs And Outputs It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

Bonfiglioli Vectron Syn10 S115 01 Operating Instructions Manual

For reasons of clarity, we have not been able to take all detailed information on all the types of the products and also not every imaginable case of positioning, operation or maintenance into account. Example of a virtual link with transmission via the system bus: Asynchronous AC motors Permanent magnet synchronous brushless vdctron. Percentage Value Ramps If the set holding time has expired, there is a fault vcetron.

Speed Sensor Connection Pipe conveying Screw conveyor.

Set Points At Multi-functional Input This product features high performance control and unbeatable advantages in vectrkn and compact size. Limit Value Sources Two-channel speed sensor with recognition of direction of rotation via track signals A and B; four signal edges are evaluated per division mark; the reference impulse is used for sensor monitoring.

The greatest precision to be achieved is approx. As soon as the system bus master receives an emergency telegram, it also breaks down and reports the failed node on the basis of its ID via the kind of error. The SYNC telegram is generated by the system bus master and is a telegram without data. Do not bend the components or change the isolation vecrron.

Operational And Error Diagnosis Page 53 Voltage Current Measurement The voltage and current measurement on the primary and secondary side of the inverter may be different manuap to instrumentation variations.

  BNX022 01L PDF

Page 58 Bonfiglioli has been designing and developing innovative and reliable power transmission and control solutions for industry, mobile machinery and renewable energy applications since String parameters can not be processed. Reset To Normal Mode The unit may only be connected with the power supply switched off.

The emergency telegram marks the node ID for the identification of the failed node via its identifier and the existing fault message via its data contents 8 bytes. If the characteristic points are not suited for the type of characteristic selected, the characteristic points are corrected internally.

Food freezing process Spiral conveyors.

Vertical conveying Bucket elevator. The output of the reference value channel of frequency inverter 1 is laid onto the output of the ramp of frequency inverter 2.


I may revoke my declaration of consent at any time to the company for future marketing communications by writing to corporatemkt bonfiglioli. If the input signal is less than 1 V or 2 mA, there is a warning message, vctron drive mechanism is decelerated according to stopping behavior 1.

Reconfirm the power voltage level. The identifier is according to the Predefined Connection Set. The transitions are controlled via NMT telegrams. The assembly is done before the frequency inverter is put into operation, and only in a voltage-free state. Division marks of speed sensor signal 2 too high, check speed sensor.

By marking the relevant box below, I hereby authorise the company to process my contact data information on my name, place and date of birth, tax code, address, telephone number, mobile telephone number, e-mail address for marketing and advertising communication purposes, bonfivlioli promotional sales initiatives, trade fairs and events, receipt of newsletters, carried out using automated contact means e-mail and traditional contact means for example, telephone call with an operator or for market research and statistical surveys.

The user is responsible for the number of bytes matching the type of data. To print the manual completely, please, download it.


Bonfiglioli act 401 Manuals

The EM-IO expansion module extends the functionality described in the operating instructions of the frequency inverter parameter Fixed frequency change-over 1 66 and Fixed frequency change-over 2 67 by the parameter Fixed frequency change-over 3 and the matching parameters Fixed frequency 5Fixed frequency 6Fixed frequency 7Fixed frequency 8 Constants initialization to 60Hz system 1. As operation mode 4; the actual speed value is inverted.

Enter text from picture: For the purposes of the instructions, “qualified person” designates a person acquainted with the erection, assembly, commissioning and operation of the frequency inverters and possessing the qualification corresponding to the activity.

Control Terminals – Terminal Diagram If you receive fault messages which are not listed here, please contact us by phone. Control Unit Kp The slot for the EM-IO expansion module becomes accessible. Coding of the status of the digital signals Bit 15 14 9 8 Bit 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 control signal 1 decimal value 1 control signal 2 decimal value 2 control signal 3 decimal value 4 control signal 4 decimal value 8 control signal 5 decimal value 16 control signal 6 decimal value 32 control signal 7 decimal value 64 control signal 8 decimal value control signal 16 decimal value control signal 15 decimal value control signal 14 decimal value control signal 13 decimal value control signal 12 decimal value control signal 11 decimal value control signal 10 decimal value control signal 9 decimal value Example: If a timeout period is exceeded, the frequency inverter breaks down and reports one of the faults: Frequency Reference Channel The time constant states the time for which the input signal is averaged by means of a low pass filter, e.

Frequency inverters are available in a limited way and as components exclusively intended for professional use within the meaning of the standard EN