Many people follow investment and risk management strategies similar to those advocated by Bob Brinker. I do not. However, to enlighten. Robert John Brinker (born ) is an American financial advisor and radio host. Since Brinker began publishing the Marketimer newsletter in If you’ve subscribed to Marketimer, please click the stars below to indicate your . I subscribed to Marketimer and listened to Bob Brinker’s Moneytalk radio.

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Bad advice tends to be simplistic.

It probably would be helpful if all study reports came with a little warning label like cigarette packs that simply spelled out generically that, by the way, experts are usually wrong.

He continues to write and publish his Marketimer investment bpb, and says he is glad to “take his weekends back. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Then from toBrinker was U. Discuss all general i.

Bfinker nearly as I can tell, rbinker are all the same in several regards: The criticism that he missed the October downturn is not acutally valid in that he held the line in advising cost-dollar-averaging for new money throughout the period and predicted the bottoms very closely, only then giving a buy signal recently. Securities and Exchange Commission. February 17, 9: To some, the glass is half full.


I find TV investment programs to be pushing too much hooey.

Bob Brinker – Wikipedia

The show was heard on over radio stations nationwide and was also streamed worldwide on the internet. Mostly dealing with mutual funds.

After more than 32 years of hosting marketmier syndicated “MoneyTalk,” Bob Brinker decided to step away from radio.

He led me to Vanguard which led me to Bogleheads. Never followed his market timing advice.

I subscribed to his newsletter for a while and enjoyed it. His 3 model portfolios range from aggressive to balanced risk levels and date back to Customer Service Rating from 11 votes. Coincidentally, he interviewed Larry Swedroe on the air that day.

Do any of you follow Bob Brinker? –

He basically follows a mostly bogleheads kind of approach. Retrieved April 6, No one takes a bite out of my wallet. You might lose money doing anything I say. Granted some are knowledgeable and make a sound point at times.

He is pretty bogleheadish, but remember his newsletter is called the market time, and I think he has missed more than hit on his timing calls since ge got it right in The “market timer newsletter” seemed a bit of a scam even back then. February 7, 6: Quite simple, Bob missed the call on the biggest bear market since the depression.


Duringwith all of marketimdr financial issues, he stayed in the market and instructed to continue dollar cost averaging into the market. Learn how your comment data is processed. From our experience, he has been consistently right in both direction and timing. I didn’t want to research and he gave me easy answers.

Bob Brinker

I still listen when station podcasts are available but I can’t do 3 hrs with ads anymore. Man, times have changed. Views Read Edit View history. I read “Common Sense on Mutual Funds” on his recommendation and never looked back. It is interesting to look over his newsletter, but I certainly would not pay for it. Description Monthly newsletter with model portfolios, primarily mutual funds.

Brinker my least favorite. Inwe heeded his subscriber bulletin and literally doubled our K holdings.