The Blood of the Vampire (Valancourt Classics) [Florence Marryat, Brenda Hammack] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Miss Harriet Brandt. The Blood of the Vampire, by Florence Marryat. Valancourt Books, originally published pp paperback. To say. Florence Marryat’s novel The Blood of the Vampire was published in , the same year as Dracula. It is possible that the publication of.

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Lrclifton rated it really liked it Dec 31, Harriet is a multiracial heiress who comes from Jamaica, being of dubious birth tainting her history, but being wealthy allowing her to hide said history easier than most.

Sep 03, Muriel Schwenck rated it it was amazing. This was a great book. This story was a trail breaker at its time for women authors, but I am not liking where the trail is leading.

As I generally do with any new author or at least anyone new to meI went into this novel with zero expectations and quickly realized that while there are definitely commonalities between the two, Marryat’s book is vastly different. Elly rated it really liked marrjat Apr 06, All different sorts of women, young and old, beautiful and ugly, rich and poor, powerful and powerless. While feminist in nature, it shows conflicting ideals in a very true to life way.

Frederick Marryat Children of the The New Forestparticularly known for her sensational novels and her involvement with several celebrated spiritual mediums of the late nineteenth century.


It is a type of muted gothic that is still frightening in its ‘realism’. I am glad I hunted this book down, even if it wasn’t easy to find.

Florence Marryat – Wikipedia

The taint of her blood has to do with racial purity and Victorian morality. This is popular fiction, clearly, and it does not pretend to be any more, though it is indeed a very interesting read to provide one with insights into current issues the fin de siecle.

Everyone she gets close to seems to sicken or die. Inshe wrote a biography of her father, Bloos and Letters of Captain Marryat.

It is, furthermore, not a subtle novel, and the story line is fairly straightforward and unembellished, uncomplicated – perhaps a little too simple. The novel bursts with exclamation marks, which really bothered me at times. I will say that it’s not the sort of thing I’d recommend to someone who wants the standard sort of vampire-horror novel. I didn’t finish this book; had to read it for a class, but didn’t finish it due to the other reading material that was assigned to me.

The novel, vmapire Dracula, shows women can be victimized by society – by real men, not just fantastic vampires – as well as how they might attempt to take matters into their own hands. There are some descriptions of her background and early life which might seem racist, Harriet is pretty brutal in her own descriptions, and really shocks other people.

Or is she really afflicted with the curse of the vampire? Oh god this is so excellent. Another excellent Valancourt reprint — I’ve been so lucky in my choices with this publisher that I shouldn’t be amazed, but I am ths time I pick up one their books.

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The Blood of the Vampire

This edition includes the unabridged text of the exceedingly rare first edition and a new introduction by Brenda Hammack.

I wouldn’t say I agree with the blurb, which cites ‘The Blood of the Vampire’ as the “other vampire novel” of The essential difference, for me, was Harriet’s own ignorance of the effect she has on others, and the tragic conclusion she comes to once she finds this out. This was – okay. In she played Queen Altemire in a revival of W. Dec 30, Nancy Oakes rated it it was amazing Shelves: In other projects Vwmpire Commons Wikisource.

She influenced bloodd Gerald Gardner in his youth. Au contraire, it’s something I’d definitely recommend to anyone like me who is fascinated marrgat Victorian society and how it is captured in literature, most especially by women of the time. One of the strangest novels by the prolific Florence Marryat”The Blood of the Vampire” was the “other vampire novel” ofappearing the same year as “Dracula.