Blofeld Keyboard; Quantum. Software. Waldorf Edition 2. Attack iOS Blofeld Manual (EN) Download (9MB). the Waldorf Blofeld Synthesizer. • an external power supply. • a CD-ROM with the complete PDF manual and other tools. • a printed Quick Start manual. User guide • Read online or download PDF • Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard User Manual • Waldorf Musical Instruments.

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If this blip should be noisy, use FM with Noise as source for this oscillator to control the strength of the noise.

Waldorf Blofeld User Manual

Overlap on I off Due to the various Length parameters, it might happen that two notes having equal pitch overlap, e. It is very common on synthesizers and used throughout all music styles. The edit buffers might be cleared or overridden depending on the type of dump that is sent to the Blofeld.

The sound will get more manua, and sometimes even drift out of tune, especially if Oscillator 2 is used as FM Source for Oscillator 3 and Sync is activated. The models Saw and Pulse don’t play simple waveforms as a sampler. A “t” behind the number means a triplet note value while a “. If j chord is selected, the Arpeggiator plays a chord with all notes from the note list.

With a simple example you will understand the structure of the Blofeld handling easily. This Volume parameter sets the maximum output volume of the selected Instrument. Refer to the individual parameter descriptions to see if and how a parameter alters the list.

The Brilliance parameter changes defined parameters of these models to point out the higher frequencies.

Blofeld Pictures & Manual

Very complicated mathematical algorithms are needed to simulate the complexity of a natural reverb. An important feature of the Blofeld’s Delay effect is that the Delay length can be changed without clicks or pitch changes. With this setting, you can repeat a particular note of the note list several times.


This frees up the two filters and you can use them to perform other tasks, e.

Appendix Envelope 3 E3 Sust. Sustain and Sustain 2 level of Envelope 3 E3 Rel. Set Resonance, Drive, Filter Keytrack and any other modulation to 0. Using a sequencer software or a special sound editor program, you can record and archive this data. As soon as you want to do multi track recordings in a studio, you should start to use Multi parts. ID is a so- called broadcast ID that addresses all connected Blofelds. This generates an effect with equally settings spread out the frequencies of the allpass filters.

Use the 24dB slope if you want to create sounds with a typical audible filtered character; use the 12dB slope if you want to get softer results. This means that it goes through all envelope stages first, and if it ended with the Release phase, the envelope restarts from zero and goes through all its phases again.

When you play different notes on the keyboard, you might notice that bass notes sound more detuned than higher notes.

Page of Go. For sure, this is only mznual minimal selection of the endless variety of waveforms, but the Waldorf Blofeld gives you exactly these waveforms at hand, plus other classic waveforms like pulse which is the father of the square waveform and the sine wave also part of every other waveform. Use these filter types when programming effect and percussion-like sounds.


By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only mnual page. Depending on the function type selected, calculation will affect two source signals or a source signal and a constant parameter.


As the Amplifier always works in To understand the operation of this unit, it is important to conjunction with the Amplifier Envelope, this parameter know that the Amplifier Envelope is always acting as a actually determines the envelope velocity amount.

The reference note for Keytrack is E3, note number Only notes with a key number higher or equal to the selected value are passed through. The Blofeld produces a high level output signal.

On Notch filter types, the Resonance parameter is almost useless by definition because the resonance frequency is exactly the frequency that is blocked by the filter. Resonance in the context of a low, band or high pass filter means that a narrow frequency band around the cutoff point is emphasized.

The Blofeld has two independent filter units, each Robotic Wavetrip3 with its own individual settings. M When you randomize a program, all action takes place inside an edit buffer. Those partials are called harmonics because their frequency is a harmonic multiple of the fundamental. Set Filter 2 to a comb filter type with middle or low cutoff and no resonance. The following table gives you these settings: With a few exceptions, the majority of MIDI devices are equipped with two or three ports for this purpose: In Multi Mode the upper display row shows you the number of the current selected part.

This gives an atypical character suitable for effect sounds. The player blows air through the tube in a way such that the air starts vibrate.

The Filter Section The Blofeld offers two filter that use the same parameters for editing.