Reveals black Africa to be at the genesis of ancient civilization and the human story . Black Genesis was written by Robert Bauval (he’s French/Greek or. Presents proof that an advanced black African civilization inhabited the Sahara long before Pharaonic Egypt • Reveals black Africa to be at the genesis of ancient civilization and the human story • Examines By (author) Robert Bauval. Egyptologist Bauval, author of the best-selling The Orion Mystery, and astrophysicist Brophy make a compelling argument regarding the origins.

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For the Egyptians it was the flooding of the Nile. Explains how the Vatican architect Bernini designed St. If I put on my alternative hat for just a moment it seems almost too easy to speculate that the grid arrangement of Nubian pyramid cemeteries geneais a purposeful attempt to generate power using the souls of the dead and the mystical pyramid shape in order to ask the white alien-gods for help.

Black Genesis: The Prehistoric Origins of Ancient Egypt by Robert Bauval

How can we calculate its date? But sadly, the paradise and Maat of ancient Egypt were not to last, and for the past two thousand years Egypt has experienced many occupations by hostile forces bent on taking control of this magical land.

They were in a region at the southern rim of Jebel Uwainat—which is some 50 kilometers about 31 miles into Sudanese territory—an area into which it is dangerous to venture. But, the ancient E My second time reading this book. What are they looking for?

Black Genesis: The Prehistoric Origins of Ancient Egypt

Tina Nyman rated it liked it Sep 18, Napoleon also took along artists to record the journeys in sketches. His More credible than all those frauds who claim to be real Egyptologists.

As were Egyptians genesid the rest of the Africans. Jan 13, Afrikan Paradox rated it liked it. Focusing on discoveries found at sites in the Egyptian Sahara, they show that these ancient people domesticated cattle and had a sophisticated knowledge of Astronomy which emerges later in the Nile Valley civilization.

Black Genesis – Graham Hancock Official Website

The Orion Mystery by Robert Bauval August This is the story of a secret, hidden for thousands of years, that will forever change our understanding genesia the meaning and purpose of the most fascinating wonder of the ancient world: Scholarly argument must still operate generally in terms of modernity, because this is how the majority culture operates.


Not gsnesis he is saying the romans are Europeans per say. I enjoyed reading the book and was very surprised at the amount of related information that could be found on the subject. Refresh and try again. What lies behind the mysterious door discovered at the end of a previously unexplored shaft deep inside the Great Pyramid?

The Message of the Sphinx: My second time reading this book. THe au8thors bring forward convincing proof that the Pyramids of Giza were also contructed blafk measure the Rising of Sirius Star.

They shot off the nose and lips of the Sphinx because the features would let all know who came across it would know it’s actual origins. They have been found to both have little outside influence in their populations genetics from the pharaoh’s era onward and to go in the same category as Palestinians.

The secrets can be kept no longer What could have influenced the ancient people who roamed the deep desert to go to the trouble of constructing a stone circle in the middle of nowhere and, furthermore, to align it to the four cardinal directions?

Of course, biblical stories are not scientific evidence…. They first settlec in the Elehantine area and moved up.

Black Genesis : The Prehistoric Origins of Ancient Egypt

glack Robert Bauval’s published books. We wondered how Ralph Bagnold, in those days with vehicles that must have been very primitive by comparison, managed to come here through this testing terrain. Now broken or cut, its ancient function remains mysterious.

It took us two days of grueling travel in some of the most desolate places we had ever seen to reach Bagnold Circle. The Land of Ham is thus often said to be that part of the world we call Black Africa what has been thought of as sub-Saharan Africa.

I truly appreciate the search for truth especially in a field of study where many have gone out of their way to remove Egypt from the rest of Africa Investigates the recent scandals at Giza and claims of secret excavations and tunneling inside the Great Pyramid Reveals the historical evidence in support of secret chambers in the Great Pyramid and beneath the Great Sphinx Exposes the secret agendas behind the latest explorations on the Giza plateau Since Robert Bauval has been embroiled in the many controversies involving the search for the lost treasures of the pyramid builders and the quest for the legendary Hall of Records of Atlantis.


grnesis However, their main concern with finding the sources of civilization along the Nile is thought provoking and worthy of further study I am sure.

He lives in Torremolinos, Spain. Also to those who claim that it’s only crazy African Americans who claim Ancient Egypt as Black, many tribal Africans also claim origin to Ancient Egypt like the Bassa Tribe, Bauvla, Fulani people, Yuroba who all have origin stories that date way before “race” was a concept.

With the arrival of foreign rulers, both Arabic and European, the destruction and thievery continued along with suppression of ancient knowledge as some rulers sought to cleanse Egypt of its pagan past.

There are at least six megaliths that form lines B1 and B2 pointing southeast. Reviewing “Black Genesis” Pt. Clearing cultural and historical distortions, the authors reveal the long-hidden and persecuted voice of ancient Egypt and call for the return of Bauvak to its rightful place as the Mother of Nations and the Mirror of Heaven.

The other movement, the Heliocentric Movement launched by Copernicus, was a direct challenge to the Vatican’s biblical interpretation of a geocentric world system. The same can be said about Mayan, Indian and Cambodian Temples.

Bauval is presently working on a new book, Sirius Risingthat will genesos the influence of the Egyptian star-goddess Sopdet Sirius from prehistoric times up to the early Christian era, with special focus on her hauval in the rebirth cult and temple rituals and alignments.