Founder of Future Supply Chain Solutions Ltd. and Future Group, Kishore Laxminarayan Biyani is a businessperson who has been the head of 7 different. Kishore Biyani is Chairman/CEO at Future Group. See Kishore Biyani’s compensation, career history, education, & memberships. Learning from Kishore Biyani is to look forward & never look back. Born on August 9, into a small trading family, Biyani started his first.

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The year of 92, saw the biggest jump as compared to the chain of events that had taken place so far. Born on August 9, into a small trading family, Biyani started his first business enterprise selling stonewash fabric to small shops in Mumbai.

His byani of communication with both the media and financiers had been perceived as poor, as were his staff recruitment choices. This will alert our moderators to take action. And that turned out to be a logistical nightmare. Other than going on a spree of opening stores, he also spent a huge chunk on marketing as well, and by 94, word has it that Pantaloon franchise had turned into a bioyraphy million laying hen, annually.

The debts had become so huge that; biyanu were forced to give up almost 2 Million sq ft of retail space, had to renovate half bioography Big Bazaar hypermarkets he ran, sell off businesses, and restructure operations. Pantaloons Retail had a debt-to-equity biograpyh of 3: He also rolled-over debtconverting it into loans that would mature in three to five years’ time, and pulled out of joint venture deals with companies such as Etam.

Sales bjyani bankers who until then had queued up at his offices started to call in their loans; mutual funds that had invested in his companies buckled under redemption pressures and decided to get out; sources of foreign capital dried; his market capitalization plunged two-thirds in a matter of six months; and Biyani who had invested way ahead of the cash flows from his network found himself trapped. It was around this time, in Novemberthat he married Sangita Rathi and also made his first venture into business on his own account, commissioning the manufacture of some fashionable fabric for sale to garment manufacturers.


How Ashni Biyani, daughter of Kishore Biyani, is transforming the FMCG game

Mahindra Lifespace Developers Ltd. Over the past two decades he has created and led some of India’s most popular retail chains like Big Bazaar, Central, Brand Factory, Foodhall, fbb, among others. The financial health of the company has been improving since Biyani started expanding her role two years back. He appointed a cousin, Rakesh Biyanimore methodical and patient than himself, to take over his responsibility for the retail business and in particular to resolve issues with the poor supply chain and internal distribution logistics that had resulted from rapid expansion.

Motivational Story : Kishore Biyani | -MBA Website, MBA Portal

This will alert our moderators to take action Name Reason for reporting: Kishore Biyani has received several awards some of which include: While FCL biyzni aggressive in product launches, if it does not have enough investment and resources, it could see some brands not taking off. There koshore postponements in planned expansion and downsizing in some areas.

In addition to the threat posed by the conglomerates, the economic downturn affected Biyani’s business and his methods. Kishore Biyani comes from a family that has been involved in business since the time of his grandfather, who opened a clothes shop in what was then called Biyxni after moving there from the village of Nimbi Jodha in Rajasthan.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But the major fall came when the economic downturn hit the company really bad.

Ashni Biyani (Kishore Biyani’s Daughter) Age, Biography, Husband, Family, Facts & More

While retail continues to form the core business of Future Group its appetite for food is steadily increasing with newer retail formats and is scaling up operations with Foodhall, its latest venture into the food retail space, which would offer a different format to cater to the growing aspirations of the consumers.

YoChef puts the spotlight on emerging businesses and reputed personalities to help young entrepreneurs learn from their experiences.


He has said that “I spent the better part of the day outside college with friends, wandering around new places and understanding and interpreting the real world. A new range of brands need to be created for modern retail customers: Director – Softtouch Multitrading Pvt Ltd. Read more on Ashni Biyani.

The move, analysts point out, is wise. Their executive staff found it impossible to visit each of their stores to monitor the quality of service, which weakened some oishore the older shops and on the other end, the franchisees who worked on a commission basis, focused more on immediate profits rather than customer service.

Kishore is one of the very few men who have managed boyani build an entire empire, all by himself, and without any godfathers or family backing.

Fill in your details: The biggest edge the company has over its rivals is its proximity to consumers, contends Saurabh Jindal, analyst at brokerage house Bonanza Portfolio. Online retailers, celebrities can’t fool you now: Turnover in was 47 billion rupees.

Hence, to fix the mess, Kishore began exploring the idea of transforming Pantaloon into large-format retail stores of his own in and that is when he stumbled upon a 10, sq ft property in Kolkata. Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now.

Make Your Story Inspire Millions! Soon everyone started to understand his strategy and noticed the work he was doing and today — you love him or hate him but you cannot ignore him. In the past Mr. Get In Touch Legal Sitemap.

Pantaloon Retail stores as of date, occupy more than 70 million square feet of retail space all over the country, employ more than 35, people, have more than one-fourth of the population i. His career in actuality, started just when he neared the end of his graduation!