There is no toxicity, and there are no problems caused by taking a wrong Bio Cell Salt — it just won’t work. In all their diversity BioChemical Cell Salts can. The “ Homeopathic” system of the Cell Salt remedies was developed by Dr. Schuessler a German doctor in the late ‘s. He analyzed the ash. Wilhelm Heinrich Schüßler (Schuessler) was a German medical doctor and naturopath. He concocted twelve biochemic ‘cell salts’ or ’tissue.

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Antlitzanalyse in der Biochemie nach Dr. People may get irritated and tense. The symptoms are usually worse from mental and physical exertion and from cold. External links Twitter Facebook Discord.

If they are not presented in any way as homeopathic, then they are just foods, not medicines. EphyD on Friday 14 December at Natural Healing that Works. Rubbing salts into the wounds of homeopathy Because they are not registered, authorised or hold a Marketing Authorisation, they are not permitted to make medicinal claims. For those who catch a cold easily. Cold and allergy symptoms with yellow mucus runny or blocked nasal passages, eye discharge and sore throats taken in the early stages, can cut short a cold or cough.

It assists in the treatment of fractures and osteoporosis. You can deside yourself wether you want to take all fitting cell salts together, only three salts at a time or only one salt at a time.

Your email address will biocnemic be published. Aren’t there only miniscule amounts of salts in cells? But are they as ineffective as homeopathy? They are not as sensitive as homeopathics.


Bio Chemical Cell Salt Kit

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. There is now no mention that these products are homeopathic. Nat sulph Supports the general detoxification processes and excretion of fluids. Nervous school children, bedwetting. I was born in Kalgoorlie. It is helpful in case of abscesses, pimples, pustules cdll purulent processes. They can be taken alongside food, coffee etc. Restless sleep, sadness, lowered vitality following stress or illness, restless fatigue, impatience, irritability.

Efficient use of Schuessler’s biochemistry requires three things: Neither the author nor the webmaster has authorized the use of their names or the use of any material contained within in connection with the sale, promotion or advertising of any product or apparatus.

Encourages healing of wounds and balanced iron levels.

For 2, years doctors believed that illness was caused by an imbalance between four bodily fluids, and caused a lot of misery in their attempts to correct this. If the cell harmony is disturbed one feels unwell, body symptoms saltd up and diseases develop. The last year or so has not been good for homeopathy.

To subscribe to our Newsletter, enter your details below and click Subscribe. Whatever the different factions within homeopathy believe, Schuessler Salts are frequently labelled and sold as being homeopathic.

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Notify me of new posts by email. Die fantastischen 12 by Sabine Wacke biocheic, p. Promotes suppuration and elimination of accumulated waste matter. After analyzing the ashes of human remains, [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] he came to the conclusion that the following 12 11 salts are critical for processes in our human flesh bags: Frequently referred to as ‘microdoses’ these are accepted as homeopathic by some homeopaths and rejected by others.


The aftermath Before our complaint against Nelsons, their website said: Cook says nothing about the dosages that he is speaking of. They are also all present in tap water. This is essentially the same as when Bach Flower products were declared to be foodsnot medicines nearly a year ago.

Cell salts

Product was successfully added to your compare list. Schuessler’s Cell Salts can therefore have no curative value. Respiratory conditions such as nasal congestion with a desire for cool air, croupy cough, sinus and ear congestion with yellowish sticky mucus.

Because they do not have a licence under the National Rules Schemean authorisation under the Homeopathic Rules Scheme nor even a defunct Product Licence of Right, we questioned whether these could be unlicensed medicines.

There may be others and if you spot any on sale in the UK that appear to be contravening the MHRA’s new guidance, please let us know and consider submitting a complaint to the MHRA about them. Kali sulph Kalium sulfuricum helps relieve chronic inflammations and chronic skin disorders.