Shop berio sequenza flute sheet music, music books, music scores & more at Sheet Music Plus, the World’s Largest Selection of Sheet Music. In , Berio published a revised score for the piece that uses traditional notation. . Folio, C. “Luciano Berio’s Sequenza for flute: a performance analysis” . Berio Sequenza Audio Recording and Saunders Bite Some time ago I posted about recording the Berio Sequenza for Flute. could have been more accurate regarding speed and length, had I been looking at the score.

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I have performed the piece several times, and have no exclusivity — except for in the Netherlands Sorry!

Some time ago I posted about recording the Berio Sequenza for Flute. So many other projects have been herio since our session in January that there has been a large gap between recording and release, but we have made sure the recording is decent. Family can be stressful, my son is at a difficult age, I myself am at a difficult age. The old version has been in my memory for about 20 years now. This is one reason it is beril my favorite piece to listen to.

I am unashamedly playing from the old edition. I practice like this with either sequwnza or two movements of Bach. I would argue that in this context, these matters require even more consideration. I also love teaching it; it has so much to offer in terms of technique especially articulation!


Well, I have news for you, Sr. Next week there are plenty swquenza pieces to prepare, old and new, but I decided to forget about them and devote my practice time to concentrate on Berio. The main reason is that my body feels soooo much better when I keep my practice time to only a few hours a day.

This is luxury, as I have said. Although watching oneself opens another can of worms. So if you are interested in a massive, expressive, sighing, ranting piece for bass flute with low B, please check it out!

Here is the link.

Berio | Helen Bledsoe, Flutist

In free-tonal music there is also a hierarchy of intervals, the most important points of orientation being the prime intervals octaves, fifths, fourthsespecially when they form tones that draw attention to themselves. But I do own the new addition, and am finding it more useful than ever this time around to answer questions about timing. Being a creature born myself in midth century, I am hoping the good people of Universal Edition will fpute me.

But now back in the saddle of my bicycle in the temperate zone of Northwestern Europe, I have hit my stride.

Berio Sequenza Flute Sheet Music, Music Books & Scores At Sheet Music Plus

But contact me or Rebecca first, because she has made significant changes to the score since my last performance in Berlin September which I am not sure Ricordi has published yet. Her theatricality, her agility, never cease to inspire me. These could be, for example, long, held-out notes or notes that follow a rest. I am allowing myself a luxury. I was with my family in St. scote


Luciano Berio: Sequenza I

It was so cold that it has taken my skin and lips days to recover. So I warm up, play Bach for sound, articulation, style and focus. I love her recording of the vocal Sequenza too, but I just came across a swquenza recording of the Sequenza no.

The recording is available through the Musikfabrik Label, which is a digital platform that offers multiple download choices — please browse the catalogue, you might find other recordings fulte interest you!

I have only the following reservations: Nevertheless, neither you nor I can assume that a work without a traditional tonal center and without traditional harmonic relationships is devoid of centers and relationships entirely. Then for the rest of the day I do my Helen stuff, read, hang out with family, watch dumb and smart stuff on Youtube, study Bberio.

I find it very revealing though. The video has not sequena issued yet, but I hope that when it comes out it will offset my disquiet.