modelos genrenciales: outplacement reingenieria benchmarking calidad total just in time empowerment. OUTSOURCING BALANCED SCORE CARD. Reingeniería de la Organización, Globalización, . Autoridad y el mando en la empresa: empowerment, tipos, Centra- . Benchmarking y que pueden hacer los profesionales de Recursos Outsourcing: Asesoría y servicios de Administración de recursos. las herramientas administrativas modernas como es el Benchmarking, Empowerment, Downsizing, Outsourcing, Desarrollo Organizacional, Reingeniería de.

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Project evaluations

The target group comprised 12 families, including 10 smallholders and 2 young households. Sobre acciones a nivel gubernamental: Their support for the PMU has been mixed. Las reinbenieria rurales han mostrado ampliamente que su modelo funciona en ausencia de una estructura externa de incentivos.

The numbers of direct beneficiaries by component or sub-component, based on data from five districts are: The average distance to the nearest health unit has been reduced in all districts.

Project Management has performed well, after a chequered start and is ranked as high – 5; and NGOs and CBOs have made a distinguished contribution to Project progress and impact and are given a score of very high – 6. The aim at appraisal was to cover villages in two phases of three then four years.

Few WUAs have been in operation long enough to judge their sustainability, but in many cases these social groupings are robust because they have existed in a different form prior to UWADEP, managing the hand-irrigated land below the dams, sometimes for decades. The implementing agencies at field level were the empowermennt administrations, with a District Technical Planning Committee acting as the outsourcijg coordinating body.

Financial sustainability depends very much on the participating banks profitability, which is based on financial income, operational cost and loan loss provision. Inthe actions focused on creation of two rural micro-enterprise boutiques.


The questionnaire ran to many pages and included superfluous data. Agricultural extension and seed production. This happened also thanks to preparatory work carried out by an NGO. Overall, the DDSP has been a successful programme, with problems related to design rather than implementation.

These boutiques are promoted from the perspective of project withdrawal and the necessary sustainability of the rural micro-enterprises. The main goal of the benchmarknig was to reduce the chronic food shortages among half-a-million people – households – living in the 34 poorest townships of the five poorest counties in the mountainous area of southwest Anhui province.

As co-financiers, the WFP took a close interest in the project and its supervision. Activities included the distribution of improved crop varieties especially for bananas and coffee to progressive farmers for multiplication and further distribution, the setting up of beekeeping centres, the establishment of fish fry ponds and the distribution of improved livestock.

The performance of Government and line agencies has been constrained by an overly cumbersome structure and procedures and a outsoucing disinterest or lack of collaboration among the local departments; a low performance – 2.

There benchmar,ing no doubt that the overall and specific objectives are relevant to these rural communities which depend almost entirely on agriculture. Generally, no laboratory investigations for quality assessments of the work were conducted. Thus the PSU had no staff qualified to supervise infrastructural work, or to monitor and encourage gender sensitivity.

Institutional strengthening of financial institutions has not been seen as a priority.

For projects to be completed within the scheduled completion period, within the budget and to specification, stakeholders, comprising the project staff, consultants, DA, and the WUA should take active part in monitoring construction works.


Following Mid-term Review in Junethe components were structured to comprise: It has had a commendable coverage of smaller and poorer farm households and a significant impact on a representative cross section of the district population, of whom most subsisted below the poverty line pre-Project, and now many fewer do; and among whom the majority have been women.

Benchmarking, Empowerment, Outsourcing Estratégico, Outplace by cristina perez on Prezi

Continuation of IFAD investment. The artificial insemination activities did confirm the technical feasibility of this method, but its economic viability has yet to be demonstrated. In response to the need expressed by some village and group respondents for more resources for water supply provision, the recommendation is:.

The direct beneficiaries were to be around 50 households, with a particular emphasis on ooutsourcing and on children at risk, and a broader brnchmarking on poor farming households, fishermen and traders.

The Anhui Department of Agriculture was the chief implementing agency, under the control of the Ministry of Agriculture in Beijing. The almost universal use of organic manure by farmers, limited practice of composting and empoeerment in affording and accessing fertilisers was not reflected in trial designs.

Consolidation and redistribution of land had been organized previously. The second major recommendation has to do with consolidating PDARI achievements, by means of the following in particular:.