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Cartridges for smooth-barrelled shotguns including air gun pellets; 30 Cartridges should generally be stored at a temperature of C. Or-ganic compounds are more toxic to fish than inorganic lead salts.

Rubber traps include tight hanging vertical strips of rubber before a solid wall of steel or concrete or shredded rubber granules covered by a solid rubber front placed as a bank in front of a solid wall [Fredslund ]. The Netherlands and Denmark are the only European countries to have banned all use of shotgun ammunition as of today. The prevailing calibre is.

Advantages and drawbacks of restricting the marketing and use of

However, a reduced atmospheric deposition will in the shorter time perspective be more significant than an increasing content of lead in soil. The application of these types of cartridges may be briefly presented as follows. Furthermore, it is noted, that the assessment presented in the following is focused on the dominant material available – e. For gauge 12 the lead content ranges roughly between 25 grams up to 50 grams or even more, as hunting cartridges tend to be marketed for dedicated purposes different kinds of game.

Occasional removal of bullets is required as for the earthen backstop. The end users – sports shooters and hunters – will eventually pay for any in-creased costs in manufacturing through increased price levels for the individual cartridges. Steel shot Steel is hard, relatively cheap and lighter than lead. Costs of reduced remedial actions related to shooting ranges and other areas exposed to soil contamination are not included.

Existing ranges have been modified in order to make it possible to col-lect the lead. Gekendtgrelse this purpose a cheaper steel or tin based alternative is adequate. The African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbird Agreement calls for the phase out of lead shot for bekedtgrelse in wetlands. Lead is unlikely to affect aquatic plants at levels that might be found in the general environment.


Fur-thermore includes tungsten-nylon composites with a density almost similar to lead and a bekenddtgrelse equalling bismuth and tin. In case a more selective regulation is put forward for the use of lead ammuni-tion in Europe it is likely that conversion 1118 for the industry will decrease accordingly. This recommenda-tion is supported by the fact that new data on tungsten has indicated effects to-wards humans as well as soil organisms and plants.

The incremental cost of ammunition to the average European shooter is esti-mated at 27 – 55 for shotgun ammunition, 2 – 20 for bullet ammunition, and 8 for airgun ammunition, corresponding to a total of 37 – 99, if lead am-munition was to be completely banned for all shooting.

Advantages and drawbacks of restricting the marketing and use of …

Therefore, it has been deemed the most appropriate way of estimating the costs to users to assess the retail prices for ammunition in one of these countries, where it should be safe to assume that the market for non-lead alternatives is relatively mature. Use of lead for am-munitions manufac-turing P: The substitutes available for lead bullets can – rather simplified – be said to be numerous, as in principle all materials able to be cast in a form or as a powder able to be put inside a jacket may be used as bullets.

The machinery needed is generally more complex and in entirely different from lead manufacturing machinery. UK experience A calculation of remediation costs related to a clay pigeon shooting range in the UK involving soil washing only by water of approx.

Hence, incremental costs relate only to research and development Comp: A particular problem concerns children’s intake of lead from soil and dust. Denmark has established a total ban on the use of lead in fishing equipment. Cases New cases with different lengths would be required to accept higher volume of pellets. Lower density of the alternatives implies that less space is available inside the cartridge for the wad, and also different metals behave differently with respect to the passage in the barrel of the firearm.


Shotgun ammunition is the dominant type of shooting and hunting ammuni-tion manufactured and consumed in EU15 follows from table 3.

It is, however, deemed likely that a change from lead to other materials will result in a concentration of production and the close down of many small workshops and companies. In the shot fall zone the single shot will typical remain on the soil surface or close to the surface. The risk as-sessment did not clearly define a significant risk of lead exposure to upland game birds. It is thus likely that the calculated fig-ures in reality represents calculation “noise” and statistical “errors” more than actual manu-facturing.

The sensitivity varies between species and is dependent on the diet. From both types of traps the bullets may be removed by either sifting or centrifugal treatment. Incremental costs relate to research and development and to new injec-tion moulders. The above information and assumptions have been combined so as to yield in overall estimate of the amount of lead used in the 15 EU countries for sports shooting and hunting ammunitions manufacturing.

However, each hunter having an old gun actually has the choice of whether to replace the gun in order to benefit from the relatively cheap steel shot or to continue using the gun with the more expensive cartridges based on e.

More acid conditions lower pH not only increase the solubility of lead, but also other heavy metals. For several types of sinkers the products formerly produced in Denmark from lead is now manufac-tured in China based on zinc or iron.

Substitutes for lead shot for hunting Advantages and drawbacks of restricting the marketing and use of lead in ammunition, fishing sinkers and candle wicks