BeBook NEO – User Manual – FEB – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. bebook neo battery replacement BeBook. The online manual doesn’t say anything about replacement, nor is a battery compartment outline. NEO HAS A WACOM TOUCH PANEL. USE THE SUPPLIED STYLUS TO OPERATE ON THE TOUCH PANEL., ro.) o. BeBook Neo. USB cabte. User Manual.

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Contents Your BeBook at a glance Open the battery cover. Install the battery as indicated on the battery slot. Subsequently, it takes about The battery should be charged manuwl at least three hours to fully charge the battery from flat.

Do not remove the battery when charging. Bsbook Your BeBook can be also charged by a power adapter not supplied. Connect the BeBook to the power adapter, and plug the power adapter into a mains power socket.

When connected the My Computer window will display a Removable Disk icon. Adding new eBooks eBooks can be obtained from a large number of websites. More current titles can be bought though many online stores. Save the books to your computer hard drive first 4. Y our BeBook is now recognised as an extra bebok device on your computer. Drag and drop the book files there.

I nsert the SD card in the direction of the arrow with the label facing up. T he bookshelf screen will be displayed. To remove the SD card, push it in until you hear a click.

You can now pull it out. Copying files to SD card using WindowsXP or Mac Under the Windows operating system, files may be initially copied to the internal cache memory and need to be confirmed.

Bebook Neo Manuals

To confirm a copied file: D uring file transfer the indicator light flashes on kanual BeBook. Wait until it stops flashing. Y our BeBook screen displays the bookshelf interface, and you can select and read bebiok books stored on the SD card. Reading eBooks key 9 and 0 to turn pages by Operation rning Open an ebook 1.

W hen you switch your BeBook on, the main bookshelf page Reading eBooks is displayed with up to eight titles shown.

P ress a key to select the title you want. W hen a text page of a book is displayed, press OK to open the menu. Press 1 to display the first page, or 2 to display last page. Jump to a page Go straight to a specific page number. W hen a text page is displayed, press OK to open the menu, then press 3 to enter into the jump page function.

U se the keys to open the page number you want and press OK.


BeBook Neo Manuals

If you press the wrong number key, press Exit to delete the last digit. Bookmarks You can bookmark up to five pages. Bbeook a bookmark 1.

W hen the page you want to bookmark is displayed, press a key to set mabual bookmark. If the key is already being used beblok a bookmark, press and hold the key to reset the bookmark to the current page. The current page without bebool The current page with bookmark T he numbers which have been set as bookmarks, are displayed in the status bar at the bottom bbeook the screen.

Replace a bookmark 1. Manul f the number you want to use as a bookmark is already being used, simply press and hold the key to reset it for the current page. Delete a bookmark 1. Majual t the bookmarked page, press the bookmark number key to clear the bookmark. View and go to bookmarks 1. W hen a page of text is displayed, press and hold 6 to display a list of all the bookmarks you manuwl set.

Operation Search by sorting Search by sorting 2. User can save of books of the same kind in the User can save of books of the same kind in the 3. T o select a title from the bookshelf page, press a key W hen the main bookshelf page is displayed, press 1 to open the Recently folder.

P ress a key for the ebook or document you want. Switch between your BeBook and SD card bookshelves 1. W hen the main bookshelf page is displayed, press OK to open the menu. P ress 5 to swap between the bookshelf of an inserted SD card your BeBook bookshelf. Press Exit to return to the previous screen. Delete eBooks and documents 1. Switch on your BeBook 2. Different books may date, copyright, price etc. Different maual may have different items. MP3 tracks Play music or audio books. W hen the main bookshelf screen is displayed, press the number key to play your MP3 files.

P ress OK to display the MP3 menu, and then press 1, the Music Play function will display all information of the current MP3, including song title, bitrate and playing time.

Settings Display the beebook menu You can adjust key tones, language, font and information settings. W hen the bookshelf screen is displayed, press OK to open the menu. Press mnual to display the system setting screen. You can now adjust the following: You can switch this off or on.

W hen the Settings menu is displayed, press 1 to switch key pad tones off or on. Change language You can change the display language to: W hen the Settings menu is displayed, press bevook to display the language options. P ress the number you want to select from the options displayed. Help If you have a problem with your BeBook, first try these solutions.


Switch your BeBook off then on again. Press again to switch it back on. Reset your BeBook 1. Find solutions online at: Safety information For safe and efficient use of the product, please follow the instructions in this guide. Do not leave nanual product in direct sunlight for long periods and do not use in extreme high or low temperature environments.

Do not put or use BeBook in areas of high humidity. Avoid any liquid getting into the product as this can damage the internal electronic circuit. Always place the product on a stable surface. Violently shaking or dropping the product will cause damage to the product and its electronic components. Do not press on the screen or put heavy weights on it.

Do not expose your product to dust or dirt or chemically hazardous conditions. Do not put the product near magnetic fields. Please use the authorised accessories, do not use third party components or third party accessories. Do not attempt to repair vebook take the product apart. This will void your warranty. Only qualified personnel from Endless Ideas or an authorised maintenance centre can repair the product. Do not use the beboik battery if it is damaged in any way.

If battery leaks liquid, please clean the BeBook and replace with a new battery. If liquid leaked from the battery contacts human skin, please carefully rinse and consult a doctor.

Please properly dispose of behook and waste batteries. Cleaning Do not use bsbook solvent to clean the surface of the product. Please use a soft cloth to wipe off the dust from the surface of the screen or cover.

Product disposal instructions Products that include the WEEE [The Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment] symbol, shown below, should not be placed in the normal household rubbish, but should be disposed of using the appropriate WEEE disposal facility. These facilities may be advised to mannual by your local council or the retailer from which the product s was purchased.

Warranty Your BeBook is guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. For full terms and conditions of our Limited Warranty Service Please visit www.

Frequently Asked Questions Q: When this happens, the last screen content of the BeBook will remain displayed. Instructions can be found here: The BeBook shows 2 battery bars but the page will not turn A: