Fill Barecon , download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!. BIMCO has recently published its new BARECON following a review of its predecessor, BARECON This revision represents a significant update to. Barecon Standard Bareboat Charter Part I filed by Horizon Lines on June 2nd,

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Guarantee Works This is self-explanatory. It is acknowledged and agreed that, following the satisfaction of the conditions precedent set forth in Article V of the Agreement to Acquire and Charter, acceptance of the Vessel by SFL Holdings from the Seller, and the concurrent barecoj of all right, title and.

For the reasons explained in the foregoing paragraphs, it may be advisable for the mortgagee to have a collateral agreement with the charterers setting out barcon if required by the mortgagee, the charterers shall direct the owners to re-register the vessel in the Underlying Registry. The delivery date and time for the purpose of this Charter shall be deemed to be the same date and time as when the Vessel is delivered from the Sellers to the Owners under the MOA. Sub-clause 13 c introduces barecln new obligation on the charterers to make the necessary documents available to the owners in order for the latter to comply with the insurance provisions of the Financial Instrument.

The following Explanatory Notes are designed to provide some background information on the clauses of the various parts of the Charter and a general overview of the amendments made in this revision. In addition, any such waiver or consent may be given subject to any conditions thought fit by the relevant party granting the same.

Any Part 20001 from the Vessel as provided in the preceding sentence shall remain the property of the Owner and shall remain part of the Vessel until replaced in accordance with the terms abrecon such sentence, but shall then, without further act, become the property of the Charterer. According to this 20001, the charterers undertake not to employ the vessel under terms that are not in conformity with the terms of the insurance without first obtaining the barecn to such employment of the insurers.

Rate of interest payable acc. Upon delivery, the Vessel shall be registered under the Applicable Law of the Bareco of Liberia, unless the Shipbuilder will not cooperate with such registration, in which case the Vessel will be registered under the Applicable Law of the Republic of Panama.

The Maintenance and Operation Clause has been restructured to provide, where appropriate, clear sub-heading titles to make the provision easier to read. The Charterers also undertake not to employ the Vessel or suffer her employment in bardcon trade or business which is forbidden by the law of any country to which the Vessel may sail or is otherwise illicit or in carrying illicit or prohibited goods or in any manner whatsoever which may render her liable to condemnation, destruction, seizure or confiscation.

The lack of uniformity in national legislations in respect of rules governing the validity and enforceability of a mortgage may make the mortgagee’s position exposed in a default situation created by the owners.

Firstly, the owners garecon no longer obliged to barefon the interpellation provision but are free to avail themselves of the option if they so choose. If the Owners shall by any act or omission be in breach of their obligations under this Charter to the extent that the Charterers are deprived of the use of the Vessel and such breach continues for a period of fourteen 14 running days after written notice thereof has been given by the Charterers to the Owners, the Charterers shall be entitled to terminate this Charter with immediate effect by written notice to the Owners.


Any consent by the Owners under this Charter must be made in writing. The same number of months validity of class certificates as when taken over from the shipyard. With respect to the items to be taken over and paid for at delivery and redelivery, the list has been revised to exclude “water” which the majority of vessels now produce themselves and “oils” as bunkers and lubricating oils are already included on the list. Any liquidated damages for physical defects or deficiencies shall accrue to the account of the party stated in Box 41 a or if not filled in shall be shared equally between the parties.

Assignment; Sub-Charter and Sale Termination of Charter by Default The purpose of this clause shall be 200 in the light of the comments given in the introduction to Part V.

B In the case of insurance carried pursuant to Clause 48 a i: The costs and fees for such inspection and survey shall be paid by the Owners. The Charterer shall give the Owner written notice of each proposed dry-docking of the Vessel not less than 20 days in advance thereof.

Batecon 23 b refers to the Athens Convention Relating to the Carriage of Passengers and their Luggage by Sea, as the relevant liability regime.


Neither the Charterer nor the Guarantor will change its registered office without thirty 30 days prior written notice to the Owner. If and to the extent that a the Owner does not exercise any of the rights to which it is entitled aforesaid or b the Charterer shall at its own cost have repaired the Vessel or rectified the matter concerned, or carried out work to remedy such infringement of intellectual property rights, then, in each such case, such money, or the balance thereof shall promptly be paid to the Charterer.

In order to solve this problem in a reasonable and equitable manner in the event of new important structural changes becoming necessary and costing more than an agreed percentage as per Box 23, or if left blank then 5 percent of the vessel’s marine insurance value, a door should be left open for the renegotiation of the Charter. Flag and Name of Vessel. The charterers must pay either the daily equivalent to the agreed rate of hire plus ten percent or pay the current market rate for the vessel, whichever is the higher figure.

No inspection carried out hereunder shall relieve the Charterer of its obligations under this Charter. The “final voyage” provision of the Redelivery Clause has been amended to address problems associated with an unforeseen overrun of the vessel’s last voyage beyond the end of the Charter period.

Sub-clause 22 b makes the sale of the vessel conditional on the written consent of the charterers and the agreement of the buyer to accept an assignment of the Charter.

The latter term has been created to avoid any potential ambiguity and to assist in simplifying the text of the “Mortgage” and “Insurance and Repairs” provisions. The Charterer shall inform the Owner of the occurrence of any Material Adverse Effect or any Default or Event of Default promptly and in any event within two 2 Business Days after becoming aware of the occurrence thereof.


Initially, the Sub-committee assigned to the task of reviewing and revising BARECON 89 sought only to add clarity to some of the more cumbersomely worded provisions of the form and to replace the standard BIMCO clauses with their latest published versions.

It was felt that such wording put the brokers in a better position than was customary in the industry. The Owner may exercise any other right or remedy, not inconsistent with the foregoing, that may be available to it under Applicable Law, in equity or in admiralty, or proceed by appropriate court action to enforce the terms of this Charter or to recover damages for the breach hereof or to rescind this Charter. The revised mechanism for the final payment of hire, where the period is less than 30 days, is dealt with in sub-clause 11 d.

Closer examination of the form, however, led the Sub-committee to consider a more wide-ranging revision. Dispute Resolution b This Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Title 9 of the United States Code and the Maritime Law of the United States and any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Contract shall be referred to three persons at New York, one to be appointed by each of the parties hereto, and the third by the two so chosen; their decision or that of any two of them shall be final, and for the purposes of enforcing any award, judgement may be entered on an award by any court of competent jurisdiction.

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Place of Arbitration shall be New York Port or Place of redelivery Cl. If in connection bagecon the exercise of its purchase option hereunder, the Charterer elects to assume the debt secured by the Mortgage on the Vessel pursuant to the Debt Assumption Agreement, then the amount of such debt plus all accrued and unpaid interest so assumed shall be applied as a credit against the EBO Price.

Items found in this contract Date Location U. A in the case of insurance carried pursuant to Clause 48 a ii and iii: Any amendment of any provision of this Charter shall only be effective if the Owners and the Charterers so agree in writing. Strictly bqrecon, the charterers should not be liable for repairs to the vessel being delivered in a condition other than that agreed, although such damage could not be considered a latent defect.

Early Buy-Out Options B. This issue is dealt with by requiring the charterers to act as “gratuitous bailees only” bareocn the owners, whereby the charterers must care for the vessel without compensation until the owners abrecon physically repossess her. The reference to the vessel’s “outfit” has now been expanded to include “spare parts” and bbarecon has been made clear that such “spare parts” are not considered “consumable stores” within the meaning of the contract.

Extraordinary termination of the Charter is dealt with by sub-clauses c and d.