The Bardoli Satyagraha, was a movement in the independence struggle led by Sardar Vallabhai Patel for the farmers of Bardoli against. Myth and reality in the Bardoli Satyagraha ‐ a study in Gandhian politics Essays in Gandhian Politics — Rowlatt Satyagraha of (Oxford, ). The peasants who participated in the Bardoli Satyagraha of did not form a homogeneous group. They belonged to different castes and different social and.

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It may also be pertinent to mention here that the land of Surat taluka was quite fertile.

Bardoli Satyagraha: Useful Notes on Bardoli Satyagraha of

The villagers replied bbardoli they were prepared for the worst, but definitely could not accept the government’s injustice. A complete social boycott was organized against them, wherein relatives broke their ties to families in the village.

The movement was eventually led by Vallabhbhai Pateland its success gave rise to Patel becoming one of the main leaders of the independence movement. The poorer masses of peasantry who had very little land in their possession were altogether neglected. Gardoli payment of taxes could lead to their property being confiscated, including their lands, and many would go to jail. Patel had previously guided Gujarat’s farmers during the Kheda struggle, and had served recently as Ahmedabad ‘s municipal president.

Wages, just enough for subsistence, were paid in kind bardkli were so low that the amount borrowed could never be repaid.

The problem of Hali Pratha, which was highly exploitative, was not raised at all by the movement. The government began to auction the houses and the lands. It was for the first time that an army of non-violent workers was developed. That every such awakening, every such effort as that of Bardoli will bring swaraj nearer and may bring it nearer even then any direct effort is undoubtedly true. The constructive programmes also trained the youths to prepare for non-violence and satyagraha movement.


At a broader plane it could be safely said that the Bardoli agitation bardoll more a national issue for experimenting satyagraha as a method for freedom struggle. He would not lead them unless he had the unanimous understanding and agreement of all the villages involved. The movement thus became serious during the months of April and May. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

These were not acceptable to bzrdoli. There was also one village recorded that paid the tax. In this connection it may be said that Patel was in-charge of the whole agitation. But Gandhi and Patel agreed that neither the Congress nor Gandhi would directly involve themselves, and the struggle left entirely to the people of Bardoli taluka.

Vallabh Bhai Patel was contacted by the local leaders to take up the leadership of movement. He says that Patidars were the dominant cultivators in Surat taluka.

BJP to celebrate Bardoli Day — farmers’ stir that was led by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Even the flames of Bardoli had reached to Punjab and many jathas of peasants were despatched to Bardoli. The officials would find the entire village empty.

The situation for the farmers was grave enough bradoli they barely had enough property and crops to pay off the tax, let alone for feeding themselves afterwards. However, some rich people from Bombay came to buy some lands. Gandhiji, along with Patel, conducted the movement in such a way that it carried, throughout the period, its non-violent character.

Patel also placed some activists close to the government, to act as informers on the movements of government officials. And, satyagrah, drove them to desperation. The satyagraha had begun. But the Governor ignored the letter, and reciprocated by announcing the date of astyagraha. Gandhiji selected Bardoli as a suitable place for launching civil disobedience campaign because the place had witnessed and participated in the constructive work.


Telangana Peasant Struggle The stock of Kali Paraj people mainly consisted of Dubla, also called Halpati. Dhanagare has raised the issue as to what extent the satyagraha was a reality or a myth created by the Gandhians. Out of the land taken over about one tenth was sold.

The whole taluka was divided into three camps, chhavanis, each under the charge of an experienced leader. Sundaram Abbas Tyabji Ravishankar Vyas. They set up an satyabraha committee to go into the issue. University of California Press.

Documents on Bardoli Satyagraha | Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

The Patidars were a well-to-do class of peasants. As a matter of fact, the pressure of the legislative assembly was so strong that the government was obliged to take a soft stand against the movement. Sardar Patel was contacted and some kind of agreement was struck. Members of the legislative councils of Bombay and across Satyagaha were angered by the terrible treatment of the protesting farmers.

The farmers would leave the village and hide in the jungles. The Ujli Paraj peasants cornered most of the benefits in terms of ownership of land and other facilities. Retrieved from ” https: Gandhiji observed that the Kali Paraj was living in dire poverty.