Barangay: Sixteenth-Century Phiippine Culture and Society [William Henry Scott] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book presents a. By William Henry Scott by christine_biala in Types > School Work. WILLIAM HENRY SCOTT (), distinguished scholar and leading historian on the Cordilleras and prehispanic Philippines, graduated.

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Barangay – William Henry Scott

Visayans were aware of the changing seasons from the appearance of stars, the shifting direction of winds, the flowering of plants, and the songs of birds. But Chinese brass or copper? Court proceedings against backsliding Manila converts include a description of a Muslim burial, and notarized testimonies by Filipino chiefs reveal that few of them could sign their names.

To file their teeth slightly was thought to increase their bravery. If the illustrations in the late sixteenth- century Boxer Codex accurately portray Visayan tattoos, these were characterized by bold lines up legs and back, and matching geometric floral designs on both pectorals and buttocks see fig. In order to set up a list of libraries that you have access to, you must first login or sign up. In addition, Pigafetta men- tioned both G-strings and skirts of bark cloth.

Large animals were also caught in pits awang or deadfall traps atubwhile smaller animals were caught with snares—balolong in general, balyug for iguanas, gawa for monkeys, anihas for wild chickens, and alikubkub, barang, or hitik for birds. Plates, bowls, spoons, and Indies, scottt called hohnn, coffins and chests of all sizes were hewn from single bloc ks of wood, and often decorated with fine carvings.

A long they have to weigh out gold or silver for the pnce. The basic garments were the G-string and tube skirt—what the Maranaw call malong—or a light blanket wrapped around instead. In the Visayas, those Chinese cauldrons remained the major source: Scott ventured to answer the question: In Limasawa, Pigafetta drank from the same cup as Rajah Kolainbu, and his translator, Enrique de Malacca, got so drunk he was not much use; and a few days later, the local harvest was delayed while Kolambu and his brother Awi slept off a hangover.

Barangay – William Henry Scott – Free Download PDF

Open Preview See a Problem? Farming tools and techniques other than those for clearing swiddens included those in the listing below. A row of men strode across the field punching thumb-sized holes with a heavy wooden pole hasuk or hery as thick as their wiilliam and pointed at the bottom. Iron slag has been recovered in considerable quantities from ar- chaeological sites, including Visayan graves, and slag is normally a waste product of iron smelting and refining.


The jars were placed in a long row down the middle of the room.

Rough leaves of the hagopit tree or bin palm were used as sandpaper or wood rasps, and the tough tail of the bisol ray fish or hide of the dahonan served to smooth even the willizm woods. The word Malay was also used to mean people of the same physical type as Malay speakers, even if they did not speak that language themselves.

Barangay: Sixteenth-Century Philippine Culture and Society | Ateneo de Manila University Press

If it cracked later from long use, however, it might be mende j with bayog bark. By they had reached their final count. Biro was both the soot and the ink, and the Spaniards mistakenly thought the reason tattoos were permanent was wwilliam the biro mixed with the blood. Maybe, if more people here I’m glad I bought this book.

barangayy Still more rugged were those who submitted to facial tattooing. Yisayan houses From Alvina’s I listeria le las islas e indios de Bisayas scale dwellings with a platform willjam up reached by a removable ladder, with a second ladder up to the house itself.

I remained the main use for sugarcane. Since honey was an important item in the Visayan diet, kabarawan was produced in sufficient quantity to market—and its production and consumption were no doubt increased by Spanish tribute demands for candle wax.

Cindy rated it it was amazing Sep 08, To check the thickness of the thinning process as he worked, he kept boring holes through the sides, to be plugged up watertight later. A northern branch included Luzon languages like Ilocano, Ibanag, and those on the Cordillera. J Meals were served on low tables about 20 centimeters high nicely carved in heney case of those of datus or directly on the house floor on large leaves. Pusor was a kind of macrame done in rattan which rendered all structural bindings artistic.

Sanchez thought it was a recent introduction in his day, though there was a similar net holos in use, except that it was lighter and had no lead sinkers.


It was threshed as needed by being trampled underfoot, gilyuk; scraped against a seashell, kagur; or pulled through with the hands, humo, a term which also meant to rub ripe grains loose from a growing plant in time of hunger, leaving the others to barsngay.

Urdaneta was told in Lianga Bay that virgins were always deflowered by slaves not fitted with tugbuk and sakra.

This seminal work of Mr.

The upper ends were set into a girder sablayan which carried the main rafters saragunting ; so called because they crossed at the ridgepole like glinting, shears, to extend beyond the ridgescot joined to the oppo- site harigi by a tie beam ubung-uhung. Even so, field huts railed bugawanor hulayaghzd to be manned daily, and reinforced wh m the ripened to drive off birds by beating large pieces of bamboo kalakofiahor P pulling cords which jerked dangling scarecrows or wooden noisemakers at the edge of the field for wild animals, or simply by shouting, clapping, OF Harvesting was accompanied by strict religious tabus.

That it was not used as a draft animal is not surprising, but that colonial reports listing natural resources do not mention buffalo meat, hide, or horns, is. Want to Read saving…. That it was not used as a draft animal is not surprising, but that colonial reports listing natural resources do not mention buffalo meat, hide, or horns, is. Gakas was the food a guest carried home; and bahaw was cold food left over from a meal, the usual breakfast. If the information Scott gathered together in his book is representative of what the Spaniards said about the natives, it is clear 1 that they said quite a lot — at least, quite a lot more than benry normally supposed.

Part 1 describes Visayan culture in eight chapters on physical appearance, food and farming, trades scotg commerce, religion, literature and entertainment, natural science, social organization, and warfare.