Balefire is a fantasy novel series by Cate Tiernan, the author of the Sweep (aka Wicca) series. In the American Library Association picked A Chalice of. Cate Tiernan’s series Sweep was all I would read (yes, just over and over) in the 8th grade. I was totally addicted. In high school I “nostalgically” went to that. Cate Tiernan Long-lost twin witches and hidden magical powers make for a gripping The Balefire coven has tried and failed to replicate the original rite that .

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Clio and Thais’s world is vividly drawn.

Like if she really wasn’t able to do it I’m sure she would’ve gotten pissed and killed everyone present, including her mother LOL. Thais will strike bloody revenge at Daedal Well done Tiernan you achieved what you set out to do Open Preview See a Problem?

I’ve got to start studying. Clio verliert sich an die Dunkle Magie, will den Unsterblichkeits zauber erlernen. They are from a long line of witches, Clio already practicing and Thais brand new to the craft. Luc having a heart at all 5.

After one drink on a lumpy love-seat in a dark bar Girl One Clio is “totally, completely, percent happy”convinced that she has found “the one” she is going to spend her life with and that he is worthy of her love: But in terms of satisfaction at the end, I didn’t really have any. Gosh, this author is the absolute worse.

Still, it was a bit disappointing to be left hanging. She created herself a strong core and amount of courage that made her dangerous to those she had problems with, and this change in character, from starting off as a whiny teenage girl who’d been told she was moving to live with a stranger, to a confident, independent woman with answers to her heritage and past was just wonderful. There was a lot of frenetic energy there, and sometimes that felt baletire wearing and hard to live with.

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Dec 16, Louise rated it it was ok.

Balefire (novel series)

Petra merkt das zwischen den den Zwillingen etwas passiert ist und will sich aber nicht einmischen. Cerise was the weakest character – by the end, it just seemed like everyone wanted her and she was fine with letting them all share her body, if not any actual emotional or commitment.

Books by Cate Tiernan. They didn’t know each other existed, each believing they were an only child, until Thais’s father is killed and someone she has never met shows up and says they are to be her legal guardian and takes Thais to New Orleans.

I enjoyed the previous books, and enjoyed the characterization that occurred throughout the books. I can understand why the books went out of print.

My friend gave me this book cause I needed something to read and warned tienran ahead of time that she didn’t like it at all and it wasn’t very good BUT her sister loved it. Balefire is a gripping, well-written on long lost indential twin teen sisters finding each other and discovering magic and secrets in New Orleans.

Series Review / Balefire Series by Cate Tiernan ~ Debra’s Book Cafe

Are you all that stupid! I loved the flow of it and the pace at which the story progressed You live near a baalefire of the Balefie Ok I’m glad it’s implied that Richard and Clio will b together sooooo glad they aren’t related and Thais and Luc Some were hoping to finally die, others to discover new reaches of power.


Clio starts studying with Deadalaus against Thias’ warnings. This book was quite an tiernna, it was very long but actually, it went pretty fast. Now I’m just lost Other books in the series. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: For one thing, there aren’t enough coffee shops. Like third person since she has so many undeveloped characters?

There are so many plot holes, inconsistencies and loose ends, the ending reads like there should be at least another book. To make matters work, this “author” actually has the nerve to make him seem like a good guy, like he’s really sorry about cheating on them, oh and then brings up that he has to get one of them to love him if there plan is to work.

I’m going to try to sell this or trade it in at a nearby book store. Daedalus is not a simple character. They both seem drained and at peace.

Shouldn’t Marcel have played some kind of more dramatic part after foreseeing the death? Cste is four books, consolidated into one.

Interview with Cate Tiernan, author of BALEFIRE | The Dark Phantom Review

And from there I just made more connections and got other writing jobs. Hopefully not agree with ternan. Latest to First First to Latest. That awesome ultimate high u felt upon realizing it’s love. This page was last edited on 25 Januaryat