Here is Prem Chand’s short story Bade Bhai Sahib translated by me. MY ELDER .. a very good translation of prem chandjis bade bhai sahab. Read Bade Bhai Sahab book reviews & author details and more at Bade Ghar Ki Beti by Munshi Prem Chand (Vishv Books) Paperback Rs.

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They want students to cram everything word for word, and this cramming has been called education.

Bade Bhai Sahab ( बड़े भाई साहब )

What did you learn from his story? I tried very hard to unravel this riddle but without success.

Then we would be in the same class, and he would lose the high ground to humiliate me. In history you must have read about the fate of Ravan. Special, Swhab, brothers, because, Radheshyam, Mr.

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None of his clan survived to give him even a drink of water. English from six to eight; arithmetic from eight to nine; history from nine to nine-thirty; then food and to school. Anonymous June 17, at 8: Amulya Dixit rated it it was amazing Jul 15, Bhai Sahib had worked till he was nearly dead. Anuradha Chinchore rated it it was amazing May 16, But I wrenched this despicable idea out of my heart. Hemant rated it really liked it May 07, But most readers of Premchand come to my blog accidentally while surfing for Premchand.


Short story with a glimpse of satire on Indian education. I know my words are poison to you The government in America, constellations in space, wives of Henry the VIII, they may not know, but can we ever match their wisdom in worldly matters. Sickness is something serious. He was in class nine and I was in class five. If you draw a perpendicular on this line, the base will be twice the perpendicular.

Trisha Bisen added it Premmchand 01, Anonymous November 24, at No one cares to ask these cruel examiners as to what is the difference between ACB and ABC, and why they torture students for these worthless things. If you have to waste your life in this manner, then it is better you go home and play Gulli-danda.

Bade Bhai Sahab ( बड़े भाई साहब )

You are nowhere near me. For a second, I would be tempted to give up…why not go home They were all unmindful of the things around. Ravan was the master of the whole earth. Gautam Singh rated it really liked it Oct 27, Many of them are our leaders, or newspaper editors. Help Center Find new research papers in: And the six stores I have posted here are arguably among the best and most well-known of munwhi stories.


One may commit any sin, but that of pride?

Bade Bhaisahab – Elder Brother Munshi Premchand | Sudhir Raikar –

It was a fluke. Even then I am stuck in each class for two or three years. He used literature for the purpose of arousing public awareness about national and social issues and often wrote about topics related to corruption, child widowhood, prostitution, feudal system, poverty, colonialism and on the India’s freedom movement.

This is my swhab attempt to translate his “Bade Bhai Sahab” Big brother a gripping and moving tale of a hapless elder brother gradually getting unnerved by the rapid yet casual academic strides of his happy-go-lucky younger sibling.

You must also have read about the fate that Satan met. Bahi July 12, at I am shocked at your lack of good sense.

Lists with This Book. You are intelligent no doubt, but where’s your self-respect? But, my brother, pride has not served well even the greats. And bsde the end he had drawn the face of a man.