Bad Romeo (The Starcrossed Series) [Leisa Rayven] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. While performing the greatest love story of all time, . Rayven’s debut adult contemporary romance shows some skill with prose, but gets lost in its own tangled plot. Cassie Taylor, a young actress. Ethan Holt was the bad boy around campus. Then one fated casting choice for Romeo and Juliet changed everything. Like the characters they were playing.

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GOD I just wanted to cry. It’s well-paced, the characters are realistic, yet flawed and I loved the theater atmosphere.

Like the characters they were playing on stage, Cassie and Ethan’s epic romance seemed destined. Sometimes I just wanted to slap Ethan and tell him to get over himself with his self-loathing act! She was the good girl actress. View all 46 comments. What remained was their love for each other that had never let go.

I wanted to love this book but sadly it fell totally flat for me.

So many people hated or disliked this book, but I still gave it a shot because my local library has a copy.

Ethan, for his part, bas been very patient.

Broken Juliet

I see their growth. Leisa does a wonderful job with Cassie. La historia de amor es insoportable. One of the worst endings I have ever read, cliffhanger or not. And it is all so rayevn HOT!!!! In this second book, Ethan opened up and face the consequences of his previous actions. I love to laugh and both of these books had me cracking up. Ethan is leiaa broody in the past which I love and perfect in the present which I also love.

View all 10 comments. The moment they see each other is like time stopped and the sparks begin to fly. I want to write a longer review because Cassie’s first time and the things I love about this book deserve more!!! I really wanted to like Ethan.


She was the good girl actress, and he was the ultimate bad boy, sending fuck-off vibes to everyone who crossed his path. Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram View all 28 comments. To ask other readers questions about Broken Julietplease sign up. I honestly relish a story of redemption and Ethan, I feel, has atoned for his past sins.

I typed each and every one individually as penance for being too much of a dumb ass to make it crystal clear how I felt about you. He had the makings of a swoon worthy book boyfriend but just fell flat. Teasers created by me with stock images purchased from depositphotos. Its intensity made my heart flutter and gave me goose bumps.

I am glad that I read it. The story picks up where Bad Romeo left off, and switches from past to present, where we get to see more of the past rocky relationship of Cassie and Ethan, and how they are now trying to fix what once was.

I can forgive her for being young and maybe she hasn’t found herself yet, but when we see Cassie after 6 years, it’s the same bloody girl just a bit bitter. The book begins in the present, three years after Ethan shattered Cassie’s heart, and the two of them are cast as the leads in a new Broadway play.

The present Ethan and Cassie are working to pick up the pieces and rebuild something more beautiful. I don’t mind more chapters! I just never felt any kind of connection with her.

Oh he was squarely in the douchebag category. This is such an amazing love story, and even though it hurt at times, I finished the book deliriously happy with a huge smile on my face I loved it — 5 huge stars.

Their pure carnal desires for each other and their desperate need shines through in one moment and then in the next the author had me smiling with them in mortification.


Broken Juliet (Starcrossed, #2) by Leisa Rayven

Now onto the actual review And despite everything, you need me, too. Plus he was almost as horny as Cassie. I ached with them, laughed with them, cried when the emotions overtook me, was pissed at them, annoyed with them and literally felt every single thing. This is why I had to change, and why, despite how much I hurt you, you can’t walk away.

If we cut the repetitive crap happening in the past, maybe this duet could fit in one book. Leisa delivered some pretty believable characters, with genuine feeling and raw emotion. In Bad Romeo, we rojeo out that Ethan left Cassie twice but we never got to find out why. A part of me wanted to tell Cassie that she must be stupid to keep taking this guy back. Would I recommend it?

When I found out his reasons for leaving I liked him even less if that was possible. The story is told in both past and present, revealing exactly where these two went so wrong, then subsequently watching them try to fix it years later.

Obviously, this was temporary. And I loved every bit of it. Really everything falls into the right place and as a reader i deeply appreciate it, when a story i love has a good and fulfilling ending. I’m pissed, because it was a looooooong book with no base to keep stuff running; at least it seamed that way in this book, I’ll keep an eye out for book two and see where this goes, because it ended without much being revealed.