Book Review Backlash: The undeclared war against women was a nonfiction book published in by Susan Faludi. I picked this book because I thought it. An account of the ‘war’ against women, the insidiously manipulated political and cultural backlash against the hard-won equality and independence which. Susan Faludi is a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist, and it shows. Backlash ( subtitled The Undeclared War Against American Women) is punchy.

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Seeing a pattern emerge, Faludi wrote Backlash, which was released in late Jul 06, Karen rated it really liked it. It was published inso it’s a little outdated, but many of the same backlash mechanisms are still operating today.

Backlash by Susan Faludi

Faludi takes on the 80s, decade of big hair, bad music, and, she claims, a new kind of backlash against feminism. Please try again later. Wondering where the backlash against womyn came from this decade?

Only then backlas might realize that we’re the proverbial frog in the boiling pot.

Backlash: The Undeclared War Against Women

Gibbs in Gibbs, N. Actually, I would call it brilliant. This is especially important in an age where social media allows fake news to spread like wildfire.

Because 20 years later we still: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

She quotes American scholar Ann Douglas, “The progress of women’s rights in our culture, unlike other types of ‘progress’, has always been strangely reversible. Faludi details backlash in: One of the biggest strengths of this book is Faludi’s emphasis not only on the words of the people she interviews but their actions.

Sep 28, Tabitha Cronenberg rated it it was amazing Shelves: We have the power to do it again. bafklash

How embarrassing is that for all of us? After reading this book, I do indeed consider it essential: Peggy Phelanbcklash for American Literary Historypoints out Faludi, having faith in her own statistical analysis ausan, does not account for the partiality and distortions of statistics, and Phelan says “[o]ne cannot both attack “bad” numbers and neutrally present “good” numbers.


I’d love to read the updated version. Backlash comes to my mind at least a couple of times a month when I note, again and again, how Ms.

The description in the book sometimes borders on conspiracy theory, and I’m not sure who the conspirators would be. The misses are comprised by making the classical error of applying statistics based on a huge number of people on a single anecdotal example on a number of occasions. Susan Faludi home books bio events backpash. TV talk shows and morning news shows were filled then, as now, with experts espousing their opinions. As Rebecca West wrote sardonically in”I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: As she interviews women like Faith Popcorn and Tony G Faludi ffaludi us from the retro-reactionary scriptwriters in Hollywood mostly men!

Refresh and try again. Faludi wonders how effective the resistance of the s has been, claiming women seemed unaware of their real fludi power and vitality in that decade, valudi missed an opportunity to make a “great leap forward” It made me think – if they did this with suits, forcing a trend by withdrawing the style entirely and only having available the thing they want to push – what else have they done this with?

Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women by Susan Faludi

It’s true this book runs longer than most of its kind, but it’s engaging, exhaustively researched and reported, and well worth the time I spent with it — afludi to be fair, wasn’t much since I more or less tore through it. Apr 27, Petrop37 rated it it was amazing.


Reporting on trends such as ” cocooning “, “the new abstinence”, “the new femininity”, “the new morality ” and “the new celibacy ” pretended to be about facts while offering none.

Not to mention revealing outfits and giant retrofitted breasts proudly sported-then complaining when some male co-worker sussan looks at them. This is a solid work of well-written, well-researched scholarship that drives home her undeniable theses that career women are not “suffering” for their pursuits and that there is a determined effort to create a public perception of how “dangerous” feminism has been fo I should note that I read the original version of this book.

You have no choice—wed or prepare to die. She says “Faludi’s analysis accounts for not only anti-feminism but for the resurgence of racism and explains why the most virulent expressions of both have tended to come from those hurting from social and economic dislocation. Beverly LaHaye, the queen of the ultra-conservative Concerned Women for Amer This is a demanding read, even if it is wonderfully written. This is the book we need to help us understand it, to struggle through the battle fatigue, and to keep going.

Articles with short description Pages to import images to Wikidata. No doubt the conscious part may have been a fact in some cases, but I would rather argue that most of the actions, laws and so on negatively affecting the feminist cause were products of a change in opinions and climate. The fifteenth anniversary edition, with an updated preface by the author, brings backlash consciousness into the 21st century.