Ayya Khema addresses metta and love. On the spiritual path, there’s nothing to get, and everything to get rid of. The first thing to let go of is trying to “get” love. Ayya Khema’s Dharma Talks. Ayya Khema. — Select from Ayya Khema’s talks –, VIEW ALL ยท (Incomplete Tape) Moral Conduct (Bad Quality). Ayya Khema was born in Berlin in of Jewish parents. In she escaped from Germany with a transport of two hundred other children and was taken to.

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Sister Ayya Khema Main Organisation: Ayya Khema was born in Berlin in to Jewish parents. Inshe escaped from Germany with two hundred other children and was taken to Glasgow, Scotland. Her parents went to China and, two years later Ayya Khema joined then in Shanghai.

With the outbreak of the war, zyya, the family was put into a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp and it was here her father died. She later married, had a son and a daughter, and now has four grand-children.

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Four years after the American liberation of the camp, Ayya Khema was able to emigrate to the United States. Between and she travelled with her husband and son throughout Asia, including the Himalayan countries, and it was at this time she learned meditation.


Ten years later she began to teach meditation throughout Europe and Australia. Her experiences led her to become a Buddhist nun in Sri Lanka inwhen she was given the name of ‘Khema’ Ayya means Venerable meaning safety and security.

She helped to establish Wat Buddha-Dhamma, a forest monastery in the Theravada tradition, near Sydney, Australia, in She was the spiritual director of Buddha-Haus in Germany, established in under her auspices. In June “Metta Vihara”, the first Buddhist forest monastery in Germany, was inaugurated by her, and the first ordinations in the German language took place there.

Biographical Material on Ayya Khema

In she co-ordinated the first international conference of Buddhist nuns in the history of Buddhism, which resulted in the setting-up of Sakyadhita, a worldwide Buddhist women’s organisation. Ayya Khema has written twenty-five books on meditation and the Buddha’s teachings in English and German; her books have been translated into seven languages.

Ayya Khema ordained Ven. Sister Sangamitta from Switzerland now practising in Thailand Ven. Sister Dhammadina a graduate of Peradeniya University, Ven.

Sister Vayama from Australia and Ven. Sister Uttpalvanna of Galle and her pupils in Sri Lanka. Ayya Khema was the first Western woman to become a Theravadin Buddhist nun.


Ayya Khema

She has served as a model and inspiration for women from all the Buddhist traditions who have sought to revive the practice of women’s monasticism in modern times. Founded women’s Buddhist organisations.

Renown as a teacher is widespread. Samannaphala sutta especially; Potthapada sutta; Mahanidana sutta; Rathavinita sutta;: Ayya Khema as my Teacher. I lived at Parappuduwa Nuns’ Island and in several towns in the south of the country during my ten years in Sri Lanka. My senior companion nun during that time was Sister Dhammadinna, a Sri Lankan.

In I was able to fulfill a long-standing wish and went on pilgrimage to the Holy Places in India zyya six months. In I returned to Australia, hoping to be able to contribute to making the teachings of the Buddha ayy in my home country.

Dhammasara Nuns’ Monastery No. Khemma Uttpalvanna Leigh Brasington: She confirmed Leigh’s practice and requested that he begin teaching. Ayya Khema’s teaching on retreat sinceand continues to teach in Europe and North America. When the Iron Eagle Flies.

Being Nobody, Going Nowhere. Come and See for Yourself.