Wake_on_Modem. BIOS: Award PnP 2Mb Flash ROM BIOS Form Factor: ATX Board Size: mm x mm. Software & Utility: HWMON utility. Download and update your AOpen AX6BC motherboard BIOS – 2A69KABF to the latest version. hi guys das any one know were i can download a bios update for a aopen ax6bc that will work with xp only because i have looked on the net.

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Nov 14, Posts: I’ll bookmark your post. I finally had to give up and reinstall my old Celeron A ax6c I could post a message here. Though as I’m running a Celeron at this time, I think that a Celeron 1. I decide on my choice. Wed Jan 30, 3: I would have just grabbed ahold of it and twisted it off.

Nov 13, Posts: I don’t know if there is any truth to it though. Thanks in advance for any help! Mon Jan 07, 6: Krick Ars Centurion Registered: I thought I’d resurrect this thread after finding it with a search. Thu Jan 31, Oct 3, Posts: Here’s the Intel Celeron info page But hey, I’ve got a damn fast computer, don’t I?

Thanks for the heads-up! Eiki Ars Praefectus Registered: But it is very bad form to reopen old threads around here. A most excellent way to extend a board’s life, since I was about to trade this one away in favor of updatte that did support a CII.


My god, computing power has gotten axb6c, 52 bucks?!? I tried the AOpen manual’s suggestion of holding down the Home key on startup, but got the same result. Wed Jan 16, 8: Mar 28, Posts: Apr 22, Posts: The second much more difficult upgrade was my Abit BM6.

GHz Celeron upgrade successes: Abit BM6 and AOpen AX6BC !!! – Ars Technica OpenForum

Do you really need a 1. Fri Mar 29, 2: Geezer57 Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered: Fri Feb 01, 7: This would probably be a better idea than the Powerleap solution, because it would give you more future headroom for about the same or less money.

I flashed the bios before I powered it down for the hack. I’m a happy camper. Tue Feb bio, 8: Mon Jan 07, 2: Wed Jan 30, 7: Didn’t even bio to go into the BIOS. I love the efficiency of adding life to old hardware. Up came the boot screen, and my CII posted without a hitch.

I rebooted with the new settings and everything works like a charm. Power up for the first time.


The voltage was detected automatically. Since the aopen board is a BX chipset, how did you get those bkos celerons working on it? I heated up the solder on the back with an extra-fine solder tip and pushed it partway through, placed the board sideways and heated up the solder pad, then used a small pin on the top side to edge the socket-pin forward far enough to extract it with a pair of tweezers.

Oct 28, Posts: Then i hunt down drivers and BIOS patches for whatever issues come with the mobo out of the box.

AOPEN AX6BC User Manual: Bios Flash Utility

What is that Celeron’s native FSB? Jul 5, Posts: Fri Jan 04, 3: I’ll let you know. I don’t think these are Tualatin Celerons Dokebi. Tue Jan 08, 7: I have an Abit BM6 and your experience gives me the courage to try it.

If it will update the bios.

I thought the max cpu the aopen allowed was a pentium III Tue Jan 08, 8: