UWP Model , Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve – Conforms to AWWA C – DI Bodies translate into pure strength achieving three times that of Cast Iron alone. AWWA C Rubber-Seated Butterfly Valves. Document Language: English; Published By: American Water Works Association (AWWA); Page Count: The butterfly valves shall conform to the latest edition of AWWA-C Standard for Rubber Seated Flanged AWWA Butterfly Valves. The valves and actuators.

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For valves having direct-mounted actuators, except those with extension shafts of more than 36 in. Type of shaft seal Sec. The diviner shall incorporate the direction to open or close the valve. Do aqwa expose rubber seats to sunlight or ozone for any extended period. The body and shaft seal shall be watertight.

Many butterfly valves have different sealing characteristics on one side vs.

Butterfly Valve – AWWA C504 – D I – Model 3900 – 3″-24″

Valve and actuator arrangement and position. Cavities shall be drained of water. Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating 5.

Piping considerations should include allowable flange loadings, thermal expansion and contraction, and differential settlement. Purchaser Options and Alternatives. The valve should be supported independently of the adjacent piping, and the adjacent piping should be supported independently of the valve. Generally, modern butterfly-valve designs for water service include cast-body construction in psi kPapsi kPapsi 1,kPaand psi 1,kPa pressure classes; flanged, mechanical-joint, and wafer bodies; rubber seats in valve bodies or on the valve discs; and operating conditions limited by the design shutoff pressure and velocities of water flow that produce torques considered maximum for the shaft size used.


f504 Description of connecting piping: Valve failure caused by faulty installation, improper operation, or maintenance in these wawa could result in damage, downtime, and costly repairs. The primary pressure-retaining structure of the valve that forms a portion of the pipeline and that has ends adapted for connection to the piping.

Through our collective strength we become better stewards of water for the greatest good of the people and the environment. A bearing that is provided on the shaft outboard of the shaft seal or in the actuator housing to protect the shaft seal from side-thrust forces induced by the actuator.

Added advisory text on valve and adjacent pipe installation in Appendix A.

Ductile Iron AWWA Butterfly Valve

The use of Wawa standards is entirely voluntary. If these or other chemical constituents are of concern, special requirements may be included in the purchase documents.

Many problems with butterfly valves can be traced to improper installation, operation, or maintenance procedures. Minimum operating time shall be 30 sec.

At no point shall swwa shell thickness be more than In some instances, valve design permits field adjustment or replacement of rubber seats when leakage occurs past the disc. Reclaimed rubber shall not be used. AWWA standards describe minimum requirements and do not contain all of the engineering and administrative information normally contained in specifications.

Two eye bolts shall be supplied with each valve. In Septembera new committee was charged with the task of reviewing AWWA C and recommending revisions to the standard in order to make it compatible with then-current valve designs. If the purchaser specifies aewa valve classification and fails to specify differential pressure or flow, actuator sizing shall be based on the pressure or flow requirement of the specified class rather than the most severe pressure and flow conditions listed in this standard.


If severe service conditions exist, the purchaser should consider an epoxy coating.

Ductile Iron AWWA Butterfly Valve, Rs /piece, SVR Global Solutions India | ID:

Shell thickness measurements taken at points diametrically opposite to each other shall, when added together and divided by two, equal or exceed the minimum body shell thickness given in Table awwwa. The standard established three pressure and two velocity classifications, standards for materials, laying lengths, minimum body and disc designs, and actuator sizes for valves having rubber seats in the valve body.

The connection between the shaft and the disc shall be designed to transmit shaft torque equivalent to at least f504 percent of the torsional strength of the minimum required shaft diameters. It is the responsibility of the user of an AWWA standard to determine that the products described in that standard are suitable for use in the particular application being considered.

Valve seats shall be field replaceable without the requirements of pressure to the disc. ISO Mounting Plate 6. Model Maintenance and Operation Manual. A rubber d504 around the outside edge of the valve disc or the inside of the valve body to effect a seal against the metal seating surface when the disc is closed.