View and Download Pioneer AVH-PDVD installation manual online. Pioneer AVH-PDVD: Install Guide. AVH-PDVD Car Video System pdf. View and Download Pioneer Super Tuner IIID AVH-PDVD operation manual online. 6-DISC DVD AV RECEIVER. Super Tuner IIID AVH-PDVD Car. FREE 2-day Shipping: If you love CDs, but don’t want to take up space in your car with an external CD changer, Pioneer’s got you covered. The double-sized.

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Contents Thank you for buying this Pioneer product. Please read through these operating instructions so you will know how to operate your model properly.

After you have finished reading the instructions, keep this man- ual in a safe place for future reference. About this unit The mahual frequencies on this unit are allo- cated for use in North America.

After-sales service for Pioneer products Please contact the dealer or distributor from where you purchased this unit for after-sales service including warranty conditions or any other information. When connecting other components to this unit, be sure components are compatible with the avh-pp6000dvd video system otherwise images will not be correctly reproduced.

Avvh-p6000dvd Switching between wide screen, letterbox and panscan display is possible. Please inquire to your dealer or nearest Indicates the number of subtitle lan- guages. Indicates the number of viewing an- gles. Indicates the picture size aspect ratio: Indicates the number of the region where playback is possible. When using for the first time, pull out the film protruding from the tray. Using multi-channel processor When using this unit with a Pioneer multi- channel processor, you can enjoy the atmo- sphere and excitement provided by DVD movie and music software featuring 5.

Section Customising your system Using Bluetooth wireless technology Playing a Bluetooth audio player using with Bluetooth adapter e. For details, refer to Setting remote con- selection trol code type on page Press and hold to turn the source off. Normally, set to AVH.

For operation mode details, refer to Using the remote control operation mode switch on the next page. When specifying title by using 0 to Refer to Specifying title on page TV mode is not used with this unit. Manuxl unit refers to a Pioneer mannual such as ones available in the future that, although incompatible as a source, enables control of basic functions with this unit. To retract the antenna, turn the source off.

Pioneer AVH-PDVD User Manual | pages

If bookmark function is on, DVD avh-p6000dvs re- sumes from the selected point. For more de- tails, refer to Resume playback Bookmark on page This unit does not automatically change discs even if it reaches to the end of the currently playing disc. Section Basic Operations Touch panel key basic operation Activating the touch panel keys 1 Common touch panel keys For details, refer to Using the manuaal touch panel keys on this page.

Section Tuner Listening to the radio These are the basic steps necessary to operate the radio. More advanced tuner operation is explained starting on the next page. Tuner Storing and recalling broadcast frequencies If you touch any of the preset tuning keys P1 to P6 you can easily store up to six broadcast frequencies for later recall with the touch of a key. While BSM is flashing the six strongest broadcast frequencies will be stored under preset tuning keys P1 to P6 in order of their signal strength.


When finished, BSM dis- appears. More ad- vanced DVD video operation is explained start- ing on page Section Playing DVD video discs You can also skip back or forward to another chapter by pressing o or p button on the re- mote control. To perform fast forward or reverse, keep touching o or p.

PAUSE is displayed on the information bar and playback is paused, letting you view a still image. To resume playback at the same point that you turned pause on, touch f again. Note Depending on the disc and the playback location on the disc, the icon Section Playing DVD video discs Searching for a desired scene, starting playback from a specified time You can use the search function to search for a desired scene by specifying a title or chapter, and the time search function to specify the time on a disc at which play starts.

Playing Ah-p6000dvd video discs Notes! Section Playing DVD video discs Return to the specified scene You can return to the specified scene where the DVD you are currently playing has been preprogrammed to return. Note If a specified scene has not been preprogrammed in DVD avh-pp6000dvd, this function is not possible.

Playing DVD video discs! Depending on the disc and the playback loca- tion on the disc, the function may not be se- lectable, indicating that operating this function is not possible. More ad- vanced Video CD operation is explained start- ing on page Playing Video CDs To perform fast forward or reverse, keep touching o or p.

To resume playback at a desired point, touch f.

There is no sound during slow motion play- back. Depending on the disc and the playback loca- tion on the disc, the icon indicating that slow motion playback is not possible. With some discs, images may be unclear dur- ing slow motion playback. MENU appears on the display. The function names are displayed and oper- able ones are highlighted. More advanced CD operation is explained starting on page This function can be operated only when the disc is playing.

You can also display MENU by clicking the joystick on the remote control. Playing compressed audio Listening to compressed audio These are the basic steps necessary to play a compressed audio with your built-in DVD player. More advanced compressed audio op- eration is explained starting on page Section Playing compressed audio To select a folder, touch folder one level higher and touch a folder name on the list. PAUSE appears in the display.

Play of the cur- rent track pauses.

Displaying information on compressed audio Information recorded on a compressed audio disc can be displayed. Section Playing compressed audio Introduction of advanced built-in DVD player compressed audio operation 1 Function display Shows the function names. Playing compressed audio Scanning folders and tracks While you are using FOLDER, the beginning of each track in the selected folder plays for about 10 seconds.

When you are using DISC, the beginning of the first track of each folder is played for about 10 seconds. These are the basic steps necessary to play a CD with your multi-CD player.


If you do not use the touch avh-p6000dcd keys within 30 seconds, they will be hidden auto- matically. Pausing CD mnual Pause lets you temporarily stop disc playback. When you are using M-CD, the beginning of the first track of each disc is played for about 10 seconds. If ITS play is already on, skip to step 2. If you do not use the touch panel keys for 30 seconds, they will be hidden automatically. You can go to the next group of touch panel keys by touching d.


Switching the XM channel select mode Manuzl have two methods for selecting a channel: Touch c or d to select the desired chan- nel in the selected channel category. Selecting a channel from the XM channel list display The list content can be switched so you can search for the track you want to listen to not only by the channel name but also by the artist name or song title.

Touch OK to confirm. To delete the song from the MyMix playlist, refer to Deleting the song from the MyMix playlist on this page. You can also perform tuning from a desired channel category.

Refer to Selecting the channel in the channel category on this page. Touch DISP repeatedly switch between the followings: When it is added, the avh-p0600dvd title and its artist name is memorized to this unit. The MyMix function will start on the song that matches the song title and avh-;6000dvd artist name in the MyMix playlist.

The song title in the MyMix playlist is dis- avh-p6000dvv. Touch c or d to select the song title that you want to delete. Section SIRIUS Satellite Radio tuner When the game of the selected team starts When a game of the selected team is about to start or is currently playing on a different sta- tion, a game alert is displayed. Touch JUMP to switch janual that station, and you can listen to that game. Section Playing songs on iPod!

Support for AVH-P6000DVD

Repeat this operation until you find the de- sired song. Playing songs on iPod Playing songs in a random order shuffle For playback of songs on msnual iPod, there are two random play methods: Song play back songs in a random order and Album play back albums in a random order. After the avh-p6000vdd is completed, No Connection is displayed. Bluetooth Telephone Hands-free phoning with cellular phones featuring Bluetooth wireless technology If you use a Bluetooth adapter e.

CD- BTByou can connect a cellular phone fea- turing Bluetooth wireless technology to this unit for hands-free, wireless calls, even while driving. Section Bluetooth Telephone Note Equalizer curve for the phone source is fixed.

Pioneer AVH-P6000DVD Stereo Receiver User Manual

When selecting the phone source, you cannot op- erate Using the equalizer on page Setting up for hands-free phoning Before you can use the hands-free phoning function you must set up the unit for use with your cellular phone. Answering a call waiting Touch to answer a call waiting. Touch to end all calls. The estimated call time appears in the display this may differ slightly manal the actual call time.