Autoduel Quarterly #4/2 – Autoduel Quarterly Issue 4/2 was published in the summer of The issue featured Designer’s Notes for the new. Autoduel Quarterly. Vol. 9, No. 1 – Spring HTMLized by Michael Panitz. Contents. Rules and Regulations for AADA-Sanctioned Tournament Combat. The Driver’s Seat. By Scott D. Haring. I sit here at the typewriter thinking, “Didn’t I just do one of these last week?” Actually, it’s been three months. time flies when.

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While the core of the original Car Wars was a boardgame, the supplements allowed it to be extended into a larger game with light role-playing elements. This eventually led to a second American civil war, ending with the secession of the “Free Oil States”, TexasOklahomaand Louisiana. So much for individuality Reviewer Shannon Appelcline said of the 2nd edition game “It’s based on a fun concept–blowing the heck out of each others cars’–the box design is appealing, autodurl there’s a matching Battle Cattle game autodue, compatible.

The Car Wars Adventure Gamebooks were titled: For the record, none of the above items are “official. But that’s not good enough for some.

Autoduel Quarterly #3/1

I think some experimentation is a good thing – who knows, you might come up with a new idea that improves the game! A game in which players come and go, like a campaign at a gaming club, can’t afford to re-argue each point for every new player.

In this alternative future, natural resources aktoduel severely depleted and the United States autoduep nationalized oil production. It’s out to the AADA chapter clubs now for playtest; once we get it back, there’s sure to be some changes we’ll want to make. I sit here at the typewriter thinking, “Didn’t I just do one of these last week?


Other new gadgets and rules must be specifically listed as “official” before they will be allowed. An established set of “official” rules can come in very handy. Following famine in various parts of the world, there are limited nuclear exchanges quartterly the USSR and the US, but anti-missile systems limit the resulting damage. Pages using deprecated image syntax All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from September Articles containing potentially dated statements from All articles containing potentially dated statements.

The AADA served as a structured clearinghouse for common rules and guidelines to be followed during ‘official’ events. AI Game Engine Programming. The bad rule has been weeded out by a sort of natural selection. So, is the attack dog “official”? Retrieved from ” https: I’m not so sure it’s important at all that any design or rule be crowned, “Official.

Autoduel Quarterly: The Driver’s Seat

What did you do on your holiday? Subscribers would receive a bonus in the form of an extra cutout or cartoon on the protective mailing cover. As the game became more popular, there were a series of increasingly more expensive and elaborate editions.

Chad Irby and Steve Jackson. I also get letters asking, “Why isn’t the x-ray laser or the attack quqrterly, or the jump rockets, or whatever official? I’m not sure that’s important. Because everybody would immediately put eight on their cars, and everybody would be even dead, but even Many game sessions consist of players taking their cars through many successive arena-style scenarios, upgrading their cars between each round.

We will continue to make the differentiation between official and unofficial rules because, in come cases, it’s important. As things began to recover, aktoduel organized sport of “autodueling” was born as a form of armed demolition derbies. A trilogy of novels was published by Tor Books: It is this post-apocalyptic setting which has drawn comparisons between Car Wars and the Mad Max movies. Car Wars is a game designed for simulating these autoduels between competing players.


Players do not roll for initiative which is common in other combat games, instead, each phase, a vehicle moves a number of inches determined by the vehicle’s speed and players may fire weapons on any phase as long as they have line-of-sight with a target of their choosing. Also, at conventions, where a large number of people who have never faced each other come together, often competing for large prizes, a body of “official” rules are absolutely necessary.

Autoduel Quarterly

Common scenarios included making it successfully through a harrowing gauntlet and competition in an arena to win a virtual cash prize with which to upgrade their cars. Just two issues back, John M.

For your game, if you want it to be, yes.

So be an individual. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And those are the exceptions.

Imagine a compact with a turreted Vulcan and a ramplate, capable of mph Within any number of settings, the players then direct their vehicles in combat. After all phases of movement and combat are resolved, a new turn begins.

In addition to the spin-off video game, Epic Comics published Car Warriorsa four-issue comic book mini-series set in the Car Wars world.