Authentic Thaumaturgy [Isaac Bonewits] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A real world look at magic from Isaac Bonewits who carries a. Here’s an excerpt from the Second Edition of Authentic Thaumaturgy, my book on magic and religion for players of fantasy games such as. Isaac Bonewits on The Laws of Magic (excerpt from his ‘Authentic Thaumaturgy’).

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Exact classification depends upon how a particular Authenhic or spell is being used in a particular situation but the general lines are clear. One point to remember is that if you have deliberately changed your body to that of a less intelligent being, you may no longer have the Intelligence, Psi Potential, Magical Strength or Magical Power to change back! Absolutely no tears and no marks, aauthentic collectible condition. Many real phenomena exist which may be outside the sensory scanning ability of any given entity.

The basic point of this section is one that will be familiar to many veteran players, but the explanation is clearer than any other I have seen. Having a specialty does not mean that the magician can only do spells in that specialty, but that he will not do spells outside of this specialty quite as efficiently.

Again, as with the Mage vs. If you agree with my suggestions and comments, then see if they can be applied to your favorite game, whether I mention it or not.

Meditative magic has an advantage in fine tuning, for the magician using meditation has far more time in which to concentrate on a desired goal that is to say, to completely clarify the information content of the spell and then to give it multiple repetitionsthan does someone who must concentrate and create some sort of focused image in brief moments of time.

Polarity should not be confused with aughentic, a mistake that Westerners have been making for four thousand years and which has quite possibly led to more all-around misery than any other theological thaumzturgy in history see Chapter Swamps, death, and decay.

Bonewits presents full yet easily understood answers to all of these. Instead most magical tools are designed to allow the magician to tap mana through them from other sources. Of course, it can be used with PK proper to produce Levitation.

Spells with a high Magical Complexity may have to be repeated several times, and may require more time and mana to get through static intact because they are more sensitive to data disruption and decayand will require more fine tuning by the magician s doing them.


Any damage done to an astral body will show up within seconds on their physical body. Wesley rated it liked it Sep 11, Two or more events happening at the same time are likely to have more associations in common than the merely temporal; very few events ever really happen in isolation from nearby events. Erotic Techniques Remember that any activity that gets people excited can be used to raise mana, and there is certainly little that gets folks quite as excited as sex. Different kinds of land provide different colors of man.

This Law is based on fundamental human thought processes and does make doing magic, especially with abstract concepts, much easier. Yea, verily, thou shalt not suffer a bigot to censor.

Authentic Thaumaturgy: Introduction

This is the sort of magician one sees in all the books about magic in the European Middle Ages, with autbentic critters appearing in cramped triangles while the magician stands in a magical circle of protection tthaumaturgy asks them questions sort of like interrogating a guest at gunpoint.

So a being raised thinking in a completely nonhuman language will probably be able to achieve only the crudest communication with humans or members of other species, even with Telepathy to help. Every sense mechanism of every entity is limited by both range and type of data perceived.

CONTROL SPELLS will work best on the original source of the contagion sample and parts of the body are usually the best samples but a body sample can always be used to boost the efficiency of a spell done on any entity with a similar body and this body does not always have to be organic — a magician having problems with technological devices might choose to carry transistors or wiring samples around.

For every usage of the Law of Similarity: More ink MPs and time and concentration will be required and the pattern will tend to collapse of its own weight sooner as the size of the drawing goes up, but the basic pattern will remain the same. This new pattern will not necessarily be a compromise but may be something new. The cardboard backing of miniature packs is not graded.

If you enjoy tinkering with your game s magic system, or if you just wonder what it would be like to be a “real” magic-user in this world or another one, Authentic Thaumaturgy will bring you many hours of enjoyment. Fantasy games make people think — try one today! When this happens, he should continue to use the same Magical Strength he had at his previous rank.


Preparation for such ceremonies should include a great deal of research about such rituals in general and your chosen entities in particular and a consultation with your rabbi, pastor, guru, minister, swami, priest, or priestess. Books by Isaac Bonewits. These spells usually require tapping to get any decently large results.

Calaméo – Autentic Thaumaturgy

Now the use of magic in the game was one of the autuentic appealing aspects, and given the game system it was fairly obvious that its employment could not be on the complicated and time consuming plane, any more than it could be made as a rather weak and ineffectual adjunct to swordplay if magic users were to become a class of player character. Like new with only the slightest wear, many times indistinguishable from a Mint item.

Jim rated it liked it Aug 16, suthentic Remember that information is always a delicate energy pattern and that entropic decay sets in faster with data than with any other sort of energy pattern.

Sometimes this is done through dancing and chanting or singing, sometimes through the use of herbal potions, and sometimes through meditation or other methods. Gender may affect worship somewhat, since some spirits divine, ancestral, nature, or other may respond in a friendly fashion only to members of their own gender.

Just remember that an entirely different slant on these matters could be created by any determined female player. But according to parapsychological research, they seem to have almost no effect at all on stopping psychic energy.

Autentic Thaumaturgy

The investment and payoff with magical devices varies according to the design of the device. Be the first to ask a question about Authentic Thaumaturgy. Similarly, while purity and innocence do not guarantee protection from malevolent magical attack, in some game systems intense religious piety may provide some divine protection.