used to implement HACMP in a virtualized environment and to plan for, configure and following course (or equivalent experience): AU HACMP System. This edition applies to HACMP for AIX and HACMP/Enhanced Scalability ( HACMP/ES), Program. Number expected to have completed the course AU /usr/lpp/doc/release_notes IBM courses: HACMP Administration I: Implementation (AU54) HACMP Administration II: Maintenance and Migration ( AU57) HACMP.

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An application will be added to resource group under a volume group and a file system will be created on it. This article explains about configuring base PowerHA cluster with two nodes.

Recovering from a resource failure in IBM PowerHA cluster

Run the smit hacmp command at the command prompt. Figure 2 shows screen for adding application controller scripts. Therefore, in this case application app1 is failed because of the wrong path mentioned for an application in the start script.

If a script is failed because of the wrong input to Hwcmp, the Cluster Manager will report failure in hacmp. Assume that there is an application which is at home directory in server and we need to make that application highly available with PowerHA.

Au54 Hacmp System Administration I

Subscribe me to comment notifications. An application controller name is user defined. Hafmp based cluster can be stretched cluster or linked cluster, stretched cluster is at same location where as linked cluster is configured where data centers are at different geographical locations.

Cluster is created from SiteANode1 and changes are propagate on all nodes in cluster through verify and sync feature.

Figure 1 shows a four-node stretched cluster setup. This section demonstrates how to add application controller and monitor scripts are added to PowerHA cluster. This article explains how to use xu IBM PowerHA SystemMirror feature to get a cluster into stable state in case of any applications or resource failure due to wrong input without stopping cluster services. This application is a resource under resource group RG1.


The first field is mandatory as it ask about the controller name. This will ask for which resource group to be selected to add applications and file a to it.

The following cltopinfo utility output shows a basic cluster information.

Customer hhacmp get a cluster to a stable state and a resource group to an accessible state after rectifying the wrong input to their resources. So there will be an application controller start,stop script, and also monitor script to monitor application hacm; a cluster.

Second field is to add start script and third field is to add stop script. User need to manually change the wrong input after seeing error in to hacmp.

After changing the script manually, HACMP will provide feature to recover from failure which will run a clruncmd script under cluster utilities.

If there is wrong path in script only on one node, resource group will try to come ONLINE on that particular node but after completing 3 restart count it will fall over to next node as per restart count set in Figure 3if next node has everything correct in application then cluster will be stable and resource group will come online on that node. So, in that case resource group has to be brought ONLINE manually after rectifying the wrong input on all nodes, where as if resource group is in ERROR state on one node, recovering from cluster script failure can get it to proper state after correcting wrong input.

Businesses Deliverables Maturity Date Encryptions Encryption summary document Between 5 and 10 encryptions per month in collaboration with 1 permanent member of the team Assistance to, and reporting on the committees’ technical capacity Adjustment recommendations to adapt production resources by application 1 committee per month alternatively Pseries and HyperV Assistance provided for 5 working days before the committee Summary sent 3 business days after the committee meeting Optimisations Records specifying the proposed optimisations and the expected gains Forecasts Monthly capacity plan Prior to the 15th day of the following month Managed incidents for various clients, implemented performance indicators on the system.


Monitor script can be added after creating application controller or before application controller also. Implemented, prepared and hosted technical capacity committees with the SCS cluster aiming to cover the perimeter of shared technical infrastructures offered by CAPS. An application will not be able to stabilize with that wrong path in above mentioned script.

Proposed the implementation of optimisations to limit the cost of Infras while guaranteeing the level of service requested by different business networks. X and Toad o Approved technical solutions proposed by suppliers. Monitor script is not yet added so it wont display. This will allow cluster to get stable on that nodes and if script is correct resource group will come online on that node.

Therefore, a cluster recovery from script failure will get cluster to proper state and EVENT will be completed in hacmp. Comments Sign in or register to add and subscribe to comments.

This article explains resource failure with an application failure under the resource group. If resource group on all the nodes go to ERROR state that means wrong input is there on all the nodes. Here, applications and file system will be added to resource group RG1.

HACMP System Administration III: Problem Determination and Recovery

The following section describes how to enter the parameters shown in Figure 3, while creating an application monitor. Similarly more than two nodes cluster can be created along with Site separation based on repository hxcmp. RG1 is nonconcurrent resource group and other 2 resource groups are concurrent groups.

To understand this with application failure, we will change the path for application in start scripts on all the nodes. Sign in haccmp register to add and subscribe to comments.