Readers’ questions about Atgaiva sielai. istorija, kuri atvers širdį, atgaivins dvasią. 1 question answered. Atgaiva sielai, VšĮ The directory of Lithuanian companies. JSC. All about Atgaiva sielai: istorija, kuri atvers širdį ir atgaivins sielą by Jack Canfield. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers.

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There are no free rooms of the selected type in this period. Leave your contacts and we will contact you with an alternative offer. We advise you, this website uses cookies. By agreeing, click on the “I Agree” button or qtgaiva further. You can cancel your consent at any time by changing your Internet browser settings and deleting saved cookies. Does not meet filters – adults, children or nights. Online Booking Process Steps of booking through the online booking system: The Client may choose from the Packages and standard accommodation offered as stated in the booking table.

Atgaiva sielai: 101 istorija, kuri atvers širdį ir atgaivins sielą

On familiarisation with the Package and its price, the Client selects the time of stay for the selected room as well as additional terms or a Package. On completion of the form the Client makes an advance payment by one of the following methods: Having selected one of the first two options the Client is directed to a page where payment can be made by zielai of EVP International payment system.

Authorisation starts upon connection to EVP International through an encrypted bit protocol. After EVP International accepts the payment, the Client receives a confirmation of payment and booking by an automatic email message.

The Client will pay the remaining amount upon arrival to the hotel. The email message confirming the booking has to be presented at the hotel as a proof of the advance payment and of the remaining amount payable.

Having selected the third option payment by bank transfer or later paymentthe Client will receive a confirmation of initial booking, which will be finally confirmed upon making the advance payment by an ssielai bank transfer or online. The booking has the status of an initial booking 48 hours after its making and may be cancelled if no advance payment is received. On receipt of the advance payment, an email message confirming the booking is sent to the Client. The Client has to present the confirmation email to the hotel manager for final settlement.

In such a case, the hotel will not indemnify the Client for any losses. Upon completing the form, the Client receives an email confirmation of the time of stay or information that no rooms are available with the instructions for the making of the advance payment.


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The Client may make an advance payment by credit card or by an electronic or ordinary bank transfer. The booking will be confirmed upon receipt of the advance payment. Upon making the advance payment the Client will receive an email confirmation of the booking, which the Client has to present upon arrival to the hotel for final settlement.

Payment and Cancellation atyaiva Booking 1. The Client makes the advance payment by one of the three methods used by the system and pays the remaining amount upon arrival to the hotel. There are no booking transaction costs for the Client. Cancellation of the booking no later than 3 days prior to the arrival time is free of charge.

The hotel will refund the full amount paid within 21 day. Should the Client cancel the booking less than 3 days prior to the arrival time, the advance payment will not be refunded. In case of such cancellation, the Client will lose the advance payment. Should the Client change the booking details after making an online booking at a discount price of the Package offered by the hotel, the hotel is entitled to recalculate the full price of the order at the current prices.

The Client is obliged to provide correct details in the booking form. The hotel is not liable for the wrongly chosen check-in or check-out dates or any other details wrongly specified xtgaiva the Client.

Responsibility for the correct servicing of the payment for the online booking lies with EVP International electronic payment system. The hotel and the company servicing online payments are not liable for unavailability of the system and other faults occurring for reasons beyond their control.

The booking is not valid without such confirmation. Gift coupons reservation rules: The Present coupon s confirms the right of the holder of the Present coupon s to use servises specified in the amount of coupon s. If the desired purchase amount exceeds the value of the Present coupon sactual difference can be paid in cash. The Present coupon shall not be exchanged to cash. The Present coupon s is valid during 3 months period from its purchase date.

If the Atgqiva coupon was not used until the end of its validity period, it will be regarded as null and void. If the holder of the Present coupon acquires services for the amount lower that the amount specified in the Present coupon sremaining amount is not returned to the holder of the Present coupon. The holder of the Present coupon having paid by the Present coupon sshall not be sielaai the VAT invoice.

The Present coupon you must use at one time. To cancel your order, fill the required fields of the form and send to us. Reservation will expire soon. To extend your booking, click the “Continue” button to cancel the reservation – “Cancel”.


Atgaiva sielai. istorija, kuri atvers — Reader Q&A

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