3Optional Accessories may affect lead time, price, and weight of XIS Please contact your Astrophysics Sales Representative for more information. The XIS is the largest XIS Series system for small parcel capacity. The XIS- All Astrophysics X-ray Inspection Systems are equipped with. Real-Time . The XIS is the ideal solution for screening small parcels for airport, government and commercial applications. The tunnel opening of mm (“) wide.

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A compact X-Ray Inspection System with tunnel dimensions 60cm x 40cm.

Astrophysics : Baggage Screen : XIS

A small X-Ray Inspection System with tunnel dimensions It is applied to examination at the airports, stations, seaports, in banks and ashrophysics, stadiums and concert halls, embassies and mails, correctional facilities, post and cargo terminals.

I agree to receive offers from other companies. It has durable aluminum walls and roofing on a custom steel frame construction. Allows an easy drive-through process, automated operation and high throughput.

A multi-view and CT capable system for medium to high density pallet screening of challenging commodities. Designed for screening oversized luggage, large parcels and small cargo. Designed for screening crates, cargo and pallet sized objects at all security sites. A uniquely engineered X-Ray Inspection System with a tunnel size of 78cm x To Compare the Products. The XIS-Truck is designed for outside events, astrophyics checkpoints, and various mobile screening needs. Designed and tested specially for outdoor use, the frame is completely made of stainless steel, powder coated with a special anti-corrosion formula and bulb-sealed to be water-resistant, making the XISR deployable anywhere.


By submitting a question, you confirm your agreement with user agreement. A compact X-Ray Inspection System with tunnel dimensions of 60cm x 40cm. The field is wrongly filled. The VI has a KV generator, tunnel opening of A high capacity X-Ray Xix System with extended tunnel dimensions Means for finding of explosives. Premier heavy duty X-Ray Inspection System with a tunnel opening of cm x cm.

Utilizes both dual view technology and high powered generators for improved image screening and increased penetration. The XIS-Trailer has tunnel dimensions cm x cm and is the ideal solution for flexible screening. Ukraine, Kiev View map.

Astrophsyics recommend to see Metal-detectors. With a tunnel opening of The VI is the high performance system in its class. A mid-size X-Ray Inspection System with a tunnel opening of Observation and control systems. A ixs X-Ray Inspection System with a tunnel size of Designed for high threat security locales. A dual view X-Ray Inspection System with tunnel dimensions 65cm x 45cm.

Astrophysics XIS-7858 introscope

The XISXDX dual view x ray combines dual view technology with a low conveyor height of just 30cm for optimal heavy object screening. The XIS-Trailer is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Complete with a Mobile Monitor Stand for a sleek new aesthetic. The XIS is designed to provide maximum object screening with a minimized system profile. An advanced X-Ray Inspection System with a tunnel opening of cm x cm.


With a significantly lower conveyor height of just 30cm, features easy loading of heavy freight and an enlarged tunnel for increased object screening. HXP is used to inspect trucks, containers and vehicles for contraband, weapons, explosives, fraudulent trade items, and other security threats as well as the verifications of manifests.


Offering optimized tunnel dimensions of cm x cm. It is an ideal security screening solution for maritime environments, deserts, and other harsh outdoor conditions. Your question has been sent successfully. The message must not be more than symbols. Designed for small to medium sized objects.

Astrophysics XIS introscope In stock. Astrophysics XIS asrophysics X-ray television installation for examination of baggage and small freights. Significantly, with a low conveyor height of just 30cm, it facilitates fast loading and is well suited for heavy object screening. Obligatory field is not filled. Designed for large cargo and pallet inspection. The VI has a dynamic look with a stainless steel frame panels and a Mobile Monitor Stand, complimented by an impressive suite of software and hardware advancements for unrivaled image manipulation and quality.