This standard is issued under the fixed designation D /D M; the number 1 This test method is under the jurisdiction of ASTM Committee D30 on. ASTM D Test Method for Tensile Properties of Polymer Matrix ASTM D Standard Test method for Tension-Tension Fatigue of Polymer Matrix. ASTM D/DM: Standard Test Method for Tension-Tension Fatigue of Polymer Matrix Composite Materials.

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In xstm years, composites fatigue testing has rapidly moved from a research interest to a critical commercial requirement, but the cost – in terms of machine time – remains a significant challenge to commercial testing The wind energy industry has led this demand, but aerospace and automotive sectors are defining their own needs in this area and fatigue performance is expected to become an additional qualification requirement for their composite materials and assemblies.

Standard practice demands a single low frequency typically 3 to asm Hz for all tests in order to avoid overheating, but that means very long and expensive test schedules.

ASTM D3479 – Tension – Tension Fatigue Testing of Polymer Matrix Composite Materials

Temperature has a major effect on results since the performance of these materials is far more temperature sensitive than that of metals. Unfortunately, the fact that specimens generate heat internally means that there is always an offset from the surrounding environment, so temperature rise is not actually controlled even when working in a chamber. The user sets the target test temperature and the system then automatically adjusts the live test frequency within user-specified limits to achieve it.


This means that at low stress levels, where each specimen survives millions of cycles, the frequency can be increased to greatly reduce the test time. Conversely, at high stress levels where each test is several orders of magnitude shorter the frequency must often be reduced to prevent excessive heating, but this has little effect on the overall time for the S-N dataset.

ISO 13001 and ASTM D3479 Improving Throughput in Composites Fatigue Tests

On the carbon fiber reinforced material, the batch time was reduced by 15 machine-days on a total time of 55 days.

It delivers flexibility – run everything from a simple static ramp, to cyclic waveforms through to complex multi-step, multi-axial tests The highly visual environment with integrated tabular screens, clear menu structures, time-based matrix test preview and configurable live test workspace is designed to be intuitive and instill confidence.

Packed with intelligent features, such as d3497 reduction and built-in project organization, designed to simplify your testing. The ElectroPulsTM E is a state-of-the-art, all-electric test instrument designed for dynamic and static testing on a wide range of materials and components.


Powered from a single-phase supply it requires no additional utilities for basic machine operation for example, pneumatic air, hydraulics, or water. Increase the throughput and consistency of your composites and polymers testing by optimizing the test frequency with the Specimen Self-Heating Control.

Composites and various other materials are prone to significant self-heating effects during cyclic loading, but their performance also shows strong temperature dependence.

This has traditionally led to fatigue testing at very low frequencies to minimize specimen heating and the resultant degradation in mechanical properties.

ASTM D Tension-Tension Fatigue of Polymer Matrix Composite Materials

Specimen Self-Heating Control can significantly reduce this, while providing previously unachievable confidence in test temperature. This patented system achieves and maintains a specified test temperature by varying test frequency in response to a specimen temperature input. Dinamik ve Yorulma Sistemleri. Otomatize Numune Muamelesi Sistemleri. Bluehill LE for Basic Testing. WaveMatrix Specimen Self-Heating Control Increase the throughput and consistency of your composites and polymers testing by optimizing the test frequency with the Specimen Self-Heating Control.