The information brought forth by the voice known as Ashayana Deane is rather controversial even within the awakening movement. Personally I found it to be. [NOTE: Having thoroughly re-read while laboriously retyping the following chapter from Ashayana Deane’s VOYAGERS II: Secrets of Amenti. Disinformer Ashayana Deane is exposed on PateoPedia, Pateo’s online Wholly Science encyclopedia, by Johan Oldenkamp of the multilingual.

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And it is made of ah they call it the vesica piscis configuration, where it is just two light things together like that — right? Jesheua was born to descendants of the house of Solomon, and taken in infancy into the custody of the Priests of Ur. Both groups are the extreme cases of what can happen when following deadly apocalyptic information.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This is called the YanYun flow and we have half a book I think dedicated to these. This time, not only would the races be restored to their place within Amenti, the entire Sphere of Amenti would be realigned with the original strand DNA pattern.

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It occurs by bending the natural laws of physics and using the various forms of the death star merkaba, mechanics. I hoped for a better argument but I see the same cult hunting answer. Check out the books below by Ashayana Deane! From the spirit body, the cosmic spirit body, they all of those exist to them, every one of those little Kathara grids, would have a set of these, right?

You know, it it seriously is. In my mythology, the WingMakers are depicted as the Central Race, the eldest race in the multiverse. Do you even have a clue as to where, what the choices are, you know like? Its part of this anatomy structure, the planet has one the solar system has one, the galaxy has one ext. I believe the four items I mentioned in my previous email were accurately portrayed by those who wrote me about this issue. You know an activation wave. Through the centuries that followed the two avatars, the life stories of Jesheua and Jeshewua-9, plus another man who was not an avatar, became consolidated into one personage called Jesus Christ.


At, down in density one, as this solar system. Seriously if bringing your children to a parade to hear music playing, look at ashayanaa different floats, getting sweets thrown at them is that bad then im deaje as charged, its a great day out and its part of our culture. With the birth of Jesheua, the 12th-level avatar, the Hebrew Melchizedek morphogenetic field in Alcyone was reintegrated into the Sphere Of Amenti.

High to Low Avg. Not wanting to hear it. Churchill, never have so many been manipulated so much by few.

I ask you to think about, what might the implications of such might mean. I take down the writing, but, even like the other speakers, have a rapport also. You will carry the encryption of the gate you came out of, so you need to use them to go back, you know, in the Adashi returns.

All of this takes place within the body of the consciousness ashaysna god source. So, they find their joy in being of service to assisting the evolutions in you know in the lower matrices and they hold this, these frequencies pure.

It has been massively effective to create passive populationsso that the power elite can now operate on a global level, exploiting natural and human resources on a level we could never have ashayaan imagined even twenty years ago.

Posted below are statements from my blog re: The Mica Meca complex is a set. M31 is right here, and we are in this twisted down offset, here. Jeshewua’s mother Mary was also born of Nephilim conception.

Every time one of those, they call em ring waves, solar ring waves, releases, and they will get stronger as it goes into the higher levels of the rings, the higher numbers of those ashayaa. So that will be the next stage. Another man, by the name of Asyayana, who was a Jerusalem-bom Hebrew-Annu-Melchizedek, was led by the Elohim, through a series of visions, to believe that he was the true Jeshewua-9, and this is the man ashyaana was crucified.


We dont know where to go from here, does anyone have any advice of getting someone out of this group or has anyone been involved in this group and got out? One should be aware of cults and blind faith! These become the spirit body, ah, the the twelve spheres in the spirit body, that remember go in sets, across a vector line, right? Through her efforts, the Guardians plan to bring into the public domain training in the science of Vibrational Mechanics and the art of Keylonta, an electromagnetic-pulse technology that can accelerate the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual evolution of human beings.

But this is showing a close up of the section of that map that we just saw that corresponds to, um to our galaxy, and its showing daene these connect, can be translated, these locations can be translated into, like where is the Milky Way core. And, lets go back to the solar system level, this is, this is, this is a bit messy because I never had this one type set, but, at the moment, this is our solar system.

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This is the core reason for all of my materials to exist. The gates did not open, they had to be shut closed because we got raided. Once you get to the Eckasha layer, none of those other layers can fall. Below I will list the comparisons between the channels and the groups themselves. To do ashxyana would only serve Project Camelot and her own cult.

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Visit Our Facebook Page Here. What is it two hundred million? If you think about how asgayana see people getting sucked into spiritual teachings then you could agree this could easily be a possible agenda which could easily work to put the world under one religion and one dictatorship.