Asas-asas Islam has ratings and 50 reviews. Maududi’s classic treatise on Islam and how it transforms a person’s life. Fully updated in modern Englis. Al-Maududi – Asas-asas Uploaded by Al Aiman. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for. Asas-asas Islam Abu A’la Al-Maududi 3) Hakikat Islam 4) Hakikat Kufur -Semua manusia dilahirkan muslim (sudut fitrah) -Kufur i’tiqad-ingkar.

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According to him, islamm sorting out the common platform for unity among Muslim societies and conceiving Islamic culture, Muslim unity may not be understood in an appropriate manner. Lihat Terma-Terma Penggunaan untuk butiran lanjut. Mahir ber bahasa Arabbahasa Farsibahasa Inggeris ,dan bahasa ibunda Urdu. He takes this generation as a model for present attempts of Muslim unity. This weakness wsas-asas resulted into the growth of selfishness and self-promotion. Beliau mahu undang-undang Syariah dilaksanakan bagi semua rakyatmenggantikan undang-undang asa-sasas yang tidak Islamik dan melaksanakan undang-undang jenayah hudud.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Sayyid Abul A’la Maududi Urdu: These differences in thought, exacerbated by the differing and competing personalities of their leadership, have remained a continuing problem. Differences on the basis of nationality, race, and tribal conflicts did crop up now and then. Ultimately, these very conditions and circumstances vitiated the Muslim Maududk, spoiled their unity, and brought their decline and misery.

Abeer rated it did not like it Oct 13, Iqbal Academy Pakistan,p.

Darussalam, 1st edition,p. In other words, it can be said that setting the basics of understanding the unity is a prerequisite for shaping effective theory of Muslim unity.


Reviews: Asas-asas islam.

Return to Book Page. It demands that a nationalist should differentiate between national and non-national culturally, economically, politically and legally, securing the maximum advantages asas-asax his nation1. Any attempt to set the theory of Muslim unity may not get the practical dimension until the standards of its understanding are laid out.

He points out that Muslim countries are situated in the mwududi geographical area hence they can easily come to solve the common problems collectively, as they can back up one another in their development plans.

Beliau mengerjakan haji dan membuat penyelidikan di Saudi ArabiaJordan termasuk JerusalemSyria dan Mesir antara dan menggesa al Quran diangkat sebagai panduan utama. This bifurcation of leadership was inherently pernicious and was in any event bound to have disastrous consequences for the community. Therefore, the importance of this issue grips an especial attention and occupies a notable portion of the theoretical and practical endeavors of the prominent Muslim scholars.

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Ruang nama Rencana Perbincangan. All members of the Islamic society with their different races, tribes, dynasties, colors, or languages, therefore, are equal members and possess, originally and basically, equal fundamental rights. In this sense, his indications, directions, suggestions and theory of Muslim unity appear to be comprehensive.

Islamic Book Trust, vol. Disunity poisoned the whole body of the Ummah in such a manner that it is now very difficult to conceive that once again the Muslim unity could be regained.

Asas-Asas Islam /

All undermining plights of Muslims at present constantly remind them of returning back to a sustainable unity which assures safety of their lives, wealth, honor, religion and lands from the voracious grabs of enemies. He says that “the unity of Islamic world cannot be conceived of without Islamic culture”.


It is a tragedy that Muslims are divided into different sects. Mahkamah tentera menjatuhi hukuman mati ke atas beliau.

Abul Ala Maududi

Furthermore, the effect of this cultural onslaught is that it has been gradually depriving Muslim life of Islamic orientation14 and similarly depriving them of a great unifying and supporting force This brotherhood previously worked as a corner-stone for a sound unity. Thus, existence of two types of masses within one society is a clear division which is commonly found in the Muslim world.

This brotherhood maurudi holds fast to a strong bond with Allah is a blessing with which Allah has favored the first Muslim community. For this purpose, they always revived the germs of internecine conflicts between Muslim countries and keep them transmitting through the whole body of ummah.

His utmost emphasis lies on reviving Ummatic polity, strengthening universal spirit, concept of Muslim brotherhood, and a mutual cooperation in every possible aspect of the Muslim world. Sebagaimana Qutb,Maududi merupakan tokoh pembangunan dan perjuangan Islam seluruh dunia.

Rockefeller Center,p. Cairo, Maktabah Wahbah, 1st publish,p. The same is true in mmaududi to the Muslim unity. He critically scrutinizes the basics of understanding the unity.