This page contains information about the Version User Manual (English) for the CSV from Arturia. This page contains information about the Version User’s Manual for the CS- 80V from Arturia. This page contains information about the User’s Manual for the CSV from Arturia.

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Some states do not allow limitations on duration of an implied warranty, so the above limitation may not apply to you.

In such a case the product including the software may only be returned within 30 days following acquisition of the product. Here are a few of them: Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended that you use the internal CSV2 menu: Instrument Author Bass C. This is a feature that’s unique to the CS, and is faithfully reproduced in the CSV2, allowing this emulation to create truly unique performances, just like its hardware predecessor. The polyphonic voices are used in a rotating assignment.

Arturia CS-80V User Manual

Keyboard range Setup [!! If the software is protected by the Syncrosoft key alone, you may install a license for the software on one or at most 3 computers which are in your possession. Arturiz ring modulator will not be used for this sound. Use it to focus on a particular band of frequencies that you wish to emphasize.

Arturia CS-80 V User Manual

Both types are stored in the. The Multi mode takes from the GX1, the “father” of the CS, which used 3 keyboards 2 polyphonic and 1 monophonic and a separate pedal keyboard to play different sonorities distributed to arturi of the keyboards.

Your sound is now modulated by different parameters, adding unique complexity. They are both equally deformed by the low-pass and high-pass filtering.

A virtual LED display on the right of the tool bar now indicates Multi mode is active. Overview Of Multi Mode It is for this reason that we could, for example, obtain notable differences in the settings of a sound between the notes played and the tuning of the oscillator. Should the program prove defective, you assume the entire cost of all necessary servicing, repair or correction.


One of the major points of evolution when compared to the original is the possibility to assign any CSV knob to an external MIDI controller. It is presented in the form of a modulation matrix in which we choose 10 sources SubOsc, EG, etc.

CS V offers all the features of the original synth, plus a new generation of innovative features that allow the original design to soar to new sonic heights:. VC5 Preset Updater V 1. From almost any practical viewpoint, and in terms of versatility of sound, there are a lot of instruments which wipe the floor with the CS To begin, open the matrix hatch by clicking on its bottom-left corner: Tuning of track5 tunv6: The new versions of our virtual instrument that came with the V Collection 5 use new formats for the preset files.

The second Results column can be switched to show Type, Sound Designer, Favorite or Bank tags depending on how you like to search. On a larger screen or a second monitor you can increase the size to get a better view of the controls. The more you tune oscillator2 upwards, the more you will encounter composite waveforms. When the installation process is completed, please proceed to authorization step chapter 3.

Just like a spring-loaded dial, the ribbon comes back to its initial position once the mouse has been released.

Arturia – Details

Its sound is ideal for brass sounds, percussive bass sounds or manul accompaniments. You can now save the sound that you have just created. Grant of License Arturia grants you a non-exclusive license for the use of the software according to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. This limited Warranty is void if failure of the software has resulted from accident, abuse, modification, or misapplication.

It allows you to set the level of modulation by applying positive values by turning mqnual the right or negative values by turning to the left. In other words, the low frequencies are weakened. The Mini V3 has a totally new filter design.

Just double-click on the zone to be modified, and a mini keyboard will appear on the screen. The filters and amplifier of the second line are not used and therefore deactivated to conserve calculation power. Installation The CSV will next be installed as a standalone application. Any replacement software will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period or thirty 30 days, whichever is longer. Opened Multi mode hatch Under the Multi mode hatch are two identical groups of four lines of settings and a supplementary group of four lines.


The advantage being quick access to real time controllers and sound presets while having a reduced work area. As you will see, these new additions bring a new lease of life to the CSV.

If we add to this the fact that the starting point for each period in Trigger mode can vary with the temperature and other environmental conditions, we find one of artkria characteristics that participated in the typical sound of vintage synthesizers.

To the evolution of the species. Dry sound is at maximum in the high position. This will produce a tremolo effect. The CSV2 provides a new type of control: If the software does not use a Syncrosoft key, the new activation codes may be obtained from the users online account for support created during the personal product registration.

But the qualities of this synthesizer, considered Japans first great synthesizer, made it immediately famous in the Music Industry.

The MODE selector chooses the arpeggio mode: Assignment of Rights You may assign all your rights to use the software to another person subject to the conditions that a you assign mqnual this other person i this Agreement and ii the software or hardware provided with the software, packed or preinstalled thereon, including all copies, upgrades, updates, backup copies and previous versions, which granted a right to an update or upgrade on this software, b you do not retain upgrades, updates, backup manuap und previous versions of this software and c the recipient accepts the terms and conditions of this Agreement as well as other regulations pursuant to which you acquired a valid software license.

The Modulation Matrix 7.