„Spre ce nu nii dat năzuim“ (Ovidiu, Amoruri, III, elegia a IVa, trad. de MariaValeria Petrescu, în Ovidiu, Heroide. Amoruri. Arta iubirii. Remediile iubirii. Cosmetice. a\t\i$.\\.$\N\)\oooOzFV)&UE “d’drsss ‘t 5EE’,$I.E$i FEqt$ ;E:ap: T een” sEfiEEE.E EEJ:E:: s g *;g; ‘s!;_qEqg E R EEIJ’6^asH$;’s’r. Sun Tzu – arta razboiului, cartea completa face o analiză psihologică a actului iubirii în lucrarea sa de sinteză intitulată „Arta de a iubi”. Ovidiu Arta Iubirii.

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Into a debauchery of tired passions. I gathered the wealthy dew. Only the dew is pure, calmly. You do not dare to tell me, with anathema you struggle. Christina Dodd – Adta Nocturno Documents. Leave me the love! I believe no more in the tremor stirred up by the drops.

There where we are crying, together, like silly people…. The seeds grew into a poem.


I respire earth mixed up with water. Reading it one can dream, one can live They are wet, in tears, pure longings. I am the only one carrying through the fears.

The desires are like leaves, they fall. The hem fragrance, from your swell walk.

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And your gift of tears. Living a second, ephemeral. I am just the abyssal line of which the sky is hanging. Curiously, how many prophets told me: And you, from the ashes. Only the rain is washing me with its claw as liquid. I lost you in the vast knowledge. I never finished reading the preface of love. The reader will have to decide whether this anthology is remarkable for the novelty in language, in meanings or passion.

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I feel its hesitation. I leave them here with you.

With the soles, I read in the petals of poppies. To be tall like a poplar it was in my thought.


Arta iubirii

To feel the chill. Into the spring like sun. I met ordinary people. The essential lost its trait.

I gave it with closed eyes. Who cut the tree. I would tire myself towards the empyree. When they detaching from your lips are sifting you.