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Conducting Physical Training at High Altitudes ·» APFT Class Implement a total fitness program in a company IAW FM , AR , Chapter 9 and AR. AR , ACTIVE, 10/25/, THE ARMY MEMORIAL PROGRAM, G-1 AR 5- 13, ACTIVE, 10/08/, TOTAL ARMY MUNITIONS REQUIREMENTS AND. This new Department of the Army regulation, dated 17 January . AR – Establishes Army policies and responsibilities for life cycle.

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We think you have liked this presentation. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Share buttons are a little bit lower. Published by Walter Woods Modified over 3 years ago. Implement total fitness program in a company.

Describe the components of fitness. The key element that bridges the gap between physical fitness and readiness is motor efficiency. Describe the principles of exercise. 3350-41 the phases of conditioning. Identify the major forms of cardiovascular disease. This process may be caused by the following risk factors: Identify the risk factors of cardiovascular disease CVD. This increased pressure causes injury to the inside of the arterial walls Injury Hypothesis. The number of teenage smokers has increased.

Cost to society includes: Smoking damages arterial walls! Compared with current smokers, the rate of heart attacks is lower among those who have quit smoking. People need a program to help them quit and support to keep them from smoking again. Identify the 7-step planning process of unit program development.

Conduct and Evaluate Training. Develop 35-41 Objectives 1. Identify specific fitness tasks. Observable, measurable, quantifiable 3. Realistic and performance oriented.

Meet unit foot march standards.

Execute minimum of six pull ups. No soldiers on weight control program. Carry equal size 3500-41 meters. Lift pounds to a height of inches. Road march 12 miles with 35 lbs. Light infantry company performance measures: Perform a timed meter skedco pull with lbs inside.


Bar to Reenlistment |

Perform a landing zone inverted Y shuttle. Assess the Unit Utilizing performance measures: Identify current fitness level. Test standardized performance measures. Aar unit strengths and weaknesses. Determine Training Requirements 1. Develop Fitness Tasks 1. Base fitness tasks on the mission and METL. Conduct realistic training road march with a combat load for a realistic distance over terrain.

Train all 3550-41 of physical fitness and condition the entire body with a wide variety of exercise techniques. Develop a Training Schedule 1.

Review the training objectives. Determine training methods and frequency. A all five components of physical fitness and adhere to the seven principles of exercise. Conduct and Evaluate Training 1. Execute battle-focused physical training. Re-evaluate performance at 6 and 10 weeks using standardized assessment techniques. Allow for continuous feedback. Discuss the 4 week training schedule using the 7 principles of exercise. Confidence Obstacle Course D: Ability Group Run D: Weight Training for Performance D: Bayonet Assault Course D: Cross Country Run D: Increase duration Increase range of motion Increase number of exercises Incorporate advanced techniques.

Train 3 x per week.

AR 350-41 Training in Units

Split training effect with MSE on zr. Train daily, performing stretching exercises before during and after each workout.

FLEX training during cool-down periods is a good method to enhance range of motion. Allow 48 hours rest between working the same muscle groups by alternating: Properly conducted flexibility improvement training may be performed daily.

Utilize different stretching techniques. Tools allow us to manipulate training effect. Train soldiers and keep them combat capable. Provide variety in unit PT program. Each training session is conducted to temporary muscle failure. Training time is never less than 50 minutes. Type of exercise is varied. Overload is based on the objective of the training session.


For example, week four interval training involves flexibility improvement. Balanced lower-body stretching on this day will incorporate hip flexor and gluteus maximus, quadriceps and hamstrings, gastrocnemius, soleus and anterior tibialis. Every day is a recovery day. CR is not limited to just running. Describe training programs for soldiers in identified special populations.

You are not a doctor. Do not cause ag injury. Do not make PT punitive. Train with your unit when possible. Education on caloric intake vs expenditure – Diet and exercise 2. Long slow duration and low impact activities – Prevent overuse 350–41 3.

Educate and train – Teach, coach and mentor. Ensure all muscle 350-14 are trained. This is often violated when additional PT is conducted. Utilize low impact activities such as aquatics, stationary af and strength training machines. These activities will provide variety, as opposed to just push-ups, sit-ups and running.

AR Army Forces Training :: Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC

Who is a new soldier? Make the new soldier mission capable.

aar Progression is the key: Train motion, form, and muscle memory. Gradually increase intensity over a period of weeks.

Exercise prescription during new soldier PT should mirror what is expected at unit level, but at lower intensity to prevent injury. Develop and implement a post-wide pregnancy PT program. Always work within the physician’s guidelines. Do not make pt punitive.

One of the KEYS to getting physically fit is correct planning! MSLLesson 2b: Develop a Physical Fitness Program Rev.