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Department of Applied Mechanics: Toggle navigation Applied 40552. Research Interest Couple thermo-chemical process modeling in geothermal systems. Geomechanical deformation during reservoir cooling. Multiphase flow in porous medium and viscous instability.

CO2 sequestration by dissolution and structural trapping. Parameter estimation and conditional stochastic subsurface hydrology. Desalination by reverse osmosis in rotor dynamic system. Water wave interaction and instability.

Educational Qualification October Ph. D Doctor of Philosophy. Post Doctoral Research Associate. Research scholar after submission of thesis.

Referred International Journal V. Chaudhuri, Modeling of concentration polarization and permeate flux variation in a roto-dynamic reverse osmosis filtration system, Desalination, Chaudhuri, Effect of clay minerals on miscible and immiscible viscous fingering during polymer flooding, Journal of Industrial and Intelligent Information, 2 4 Gupta, The use of polynomial chaos for parameter identification from measurements in nonlinear dynamical systems, Z.

Rajaram, Investigation of permeability alteration of fractured limestone reservoir due to geothermal heat extraction using three-dimensional thermo-hydro-chemical THC model, Geothermics 51, 46 — 62, Visualization of HIFU-induced lesion boundaries by axial-shear strain elastography: Ap feasibility study, Ultras. Wiswanathan, Early-stage 4502 karstification in a mountain hydrologic system: A coupled thermohydrochemical model incorporating buoyant convection, Water Resour.

Viswanathan, Fracture alteration by precipitation resulting from thermal gradients: Upscaled mean aperture-effective transmissivity relationship, Water Resour. Chaudhuri, Natural analogs for improved understanding of coupled processes in engineered earth systems: Examples from karst system evolution, Current Science, Vol.

Stauffer, Buoyant convection resulting from dissolution and permeability growth in vertical limestone fractures, Geophysical Research Letters, 36, L, doi: Chaudhuri, H, Rajaram and H.


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Chakraborty, Sensitivity evaluation in seismic reliability analysis of structures, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Vol.

Chakraborty, Reliability evaluation of 3-D frame subjected to non-stationary earthquake.

Dr. Abhijit Chaudhuri

Journal of Sound and Vibration, Vol. Chaudhuri, Time dependent seismic reliability analysis of structure with uncertain system parameter, Reliability Engineering Advances, Editor: Hayworth, Nova Science Publishers, Pandey, Aperture alteration pattern in silicate and carbonate reservoirs during cold water injection and heat extraction.

European Geothermal WorkshopStrasbourg, France. Chaudhuri, A coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical modeling 0452 aperture closing and opening during heat extraction from fractured geothermal reservoir.

APM4052-APM 4052 Chip

Sekhar, Prediction of uncertainty of solute transport in heterogeneous porous media under random recharge, Civil Engineering in New Millennium: Opportunity and Challenges, Howrah, India, Sekhar, Modeling of solute transport in a heterogeneous porous medium with a random source using stochastic finite element method, Computational Methods in Water Resources XVI, International Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, Sarkar, Integrated reliability evaluation of uncertain structure under non-stationary earthquake, International Conference on Structural Safety and Reliability, Rome, Italy, Chaudhuri, Stochastic dynamic analysis of structure under generalized fully non-stationary earthquake model, 13th World Conferences on Earthquake, Vancouver, B.


Research and Practice, Roorkee, India, Bhattacharyya, Sensitivity analysis of structures subjected to random earthquake, Structural Engineering Convention, Roorkee, India, Jogdand, Concentration polarization in a closed roto-dynamic reverse osmosis filtration system, 2nd International Conference on Desalination using Membrane Technology, Singapore, July Rajaram, Transmissivity reduction of fracture due to silica precipitation in variable aperture fractures. Chaudhuri, Investigating the effects of controlled biaxial harmonic oscillation on the wake dynamics of a circular cylinder.

Long term behavior of geothermal systems under different energy related engineering interventions. Stochastic modeling of transport in heterogeneous porous media during bioremediation of groundwater. Geothermal energy extraction using supercritical CO2: A viable option for carbon sequestration. D Sachhida Nand PandeyTopic: Transmissivity evolution during heat extraction from geothermal reservoirs due to chemical and mechanical effects.

Wettability alteration and viscous fingering during chemical enhanced oil recovery. Tsunami wave and structure interaction and mechanism of energy dissipation.

Dr. Abhijit Chaudhuri

Density driven fingering and dissolution trapping of CO2 in saline aquifer. CO2 sequestration in carbonate reservoir and chemical trapping. Magneto-hydrodynamic to assist drug delivery though arteries. S Rangaraj P, Topic: The use of polynomial chaos for parameter identification from measurements in dynamical systems Saurav Agrawal, Topic: Pattern formation in limestone aquifer under various geothermal conditions Anoop Jogdand: CFD analysis of a roto-dynamic based reverse osmosis system used for desalination.

Permeability qpm from the data of water table during pumping drawdown using Ensemble Kalman filter. CFD analysis of flow induced motions of immersed and floating bodies.

Numerical analysis of wave-structure interaction on floating tunnel and reduction of hydrodynamic forces on it using floating breakwater. List of Courses Taught.

New Faculty Seed Grant Title: DST Fastrack project Title: Submitted – DST project Title: