Aberrant splicing can result in deleterious consequences for the organism. . of 5 ′Bcl-x AS on inducing apoptosis (Mercatante and Kole, unpublished data). Antisense RNA (asRNA), also referred to as antisense transcript, natural antisense transcript . The asRNA that is responsible for this silencing effect is antisense non-coding RNA in the INK . Kole R, Krainer AR, Altman S (January ). Cellular Delivery and Antisense Effects of Peptide Nucleic Acid Conjugated to .. S. Fucharoen, H. M. Moulton, M. H. Nelson, N. Maeda, O. Smithies, R. Kole.

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In this approach, antisense activity of each oligomer was directly proportional to up-regulation of the EGFP reporter.

This provided a positive, quantitative readout for sequence-specific antisense effects of the oligomers in the nuclei of effcts cells.

Antisense RNA – Wikipedia

Nuclear localization of fluorescent labeled oligomers confirmed validity of the functional assay. The effects of the PNA oligomers were observed to be dependent on the number of l -lysine Lys residues at the C-terminus. The experiments suggest that the PNA containing Lys was taken up by a mechanism similar to that of cell-penetrating homeodomain proteins and that the Lys tail enhanced intracellular accumulation of PNA oligomer without affecting its ability to reach and hybridize to the target sequence.


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Nuclear antisense effects of neutral, anionic and cationic oligonucleotide analogs

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Antisense RNA

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Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. Anti-tumor activity of splice-switching oligonucleotides. Expanding the action of duplex RNAs into the nucleus: Subnanomolar antisense activity of phosphonate-peptide nucleic acid PNA conjugates delivered by cationic lipids to HeLa cells.


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