ANSI/AMCA ANSI/ASHRAE Laboratory Methods of Testing Fans for Certified Aerodynamic Performance Rating An American National Standard. ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill., September 12, – The Air Movement and Control Association. (AMCA) International Inc. announces the revision of ANSI/AMCA. Application: Airflow Test Chamber or Test Duct,Nozzle for measurement of fluid flow. Standards: ANSI/AMCA ,ANSI/ASHRAE , ISO , GB/T

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Manifold tubing internal area shall be at least 4 times that of a wall tap. The hydraulic diameter for round ducts is the actual diameter D.

A fan shall be tested under amva standard according to one of the four general Installation Types that exist in actual applications. We need your help! Variable supply system may be an auxiliary fan or throttling device.

The Pitot-static tube shall be of sufficient size and strength to withstand the pressure forces exerted upon it. A stroboscopic device triggered by the line frequency of a amc utility is considered a primary instrument and need not be calibrated if it is maintained in good condition. Thank you for interesting in our services. Such pieces shall not contain any converging element that makes an angle with the duct axis greater than 7.

The velocity pressure corresponding to the average velocity at the fan outlet. The total pressure at the fan outlet Pt2 shall be calculated as follows: The results of an on-site test may deviate from predicted values because of additional uncertainties in measurements such as poor approach conditions to measuring stations.

The source used to evacuate or pressurize the chamber must be sized to maintain a constant pressure in the chamber.

  ASTM D2564 PDF

This will lead to non-reproducible results unless actual duct configuration is identified. A wet-bulb thermometer shall have an air velocity over the water-moistened wick-covered bulb of 3.

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The gross inside area measured in the plane s of a,ca inlet connection s. Note that ef and eg vary with point of operation. Q The fan power output Ho is proportional to the shaded area which leads to: It is the algebraic sum of velocity pressure and static pressure at a point. An inlet bell or an inlet bell and one equivalent duct diameter of inlet duct may be 5. The standard density of mercury is This standard applies to a fan or other air moving device when air is used as the test gas with the following anxi Where appropriate, lowest anxi barometer and temperature for a laboratory at sea level are assumed.

The requirements of kinematic similarity lead directly to the airflow rate relationships expressed by the fan laws. The interface between a fan and its driver. Barometric pressure shall be listed when fan pressure exceed 2. The outlet duct friction shall not be considered.

The area A6 is measured at the plane of the throat taps, or the nozzle exit for nozzles without throat taps. This corresponds to energy per unit volume of fluid.

Using the above noted correlation factors and recombining the components: The efficiencies of completely similar fans at completely similar flow conditions are equal. Alternatively, the expansion factor for air may be approximated with sufficient accuracy by: Dotted lines on fan inlet indicate an inlet bell and one equivalent duct diameter which may be used for inlet duct simulation.


AMCA 210-2007

A duct with a plane for pressure measurement shall ajsi straight and may have either a uniform circular or rectangular cross-section. An airflow straightener is specified so that flow lines will be approximately parallel to the duct axis. The airflow rate Q5 at the entrance to a nozzle or 2100 nozzles with chamber approach shall be calculated from: If this alternate arrangement is used, and the calculated plane 8 velocity is greater than fpm, then the calculated plane 8 velocity pressure shall be added to the measured static pressure.

The amcca of the test setup, including specific dimensions, shall be recorded. Deviations may also be due to conditions affecting the flow into or out of the fan which, in turn, affects the ability of the fan to perform.

Locate the tube as shown in the setup figure. See Figure 15, Ammca 5. Reverse flow verification test. When performance at only one point of fan operation or performance only over a portion of the characteristic curve is required, the number of determinations shall be sufficient to define the performance range of interest, but at least 3 determinations are required to define a single point of fan operation.

Minimum M is determined by the requirements Section of 5. A dry-bulb amxa shall be mounted upstream of the wet-bulb thermometer.

Nozzle shall be in accordance with Figure 4A nozzle with throat taps.