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Think of the ramifications in terms of health, status, power, satisfaction.

Anuruddha Suttraya – Prathama Pannasakaya, Anguttara Nikaya

The proper practice, IV. Uttara on Failing, 9: The Buddha teaches Longknee four things that are advantageous and make for happiness here, and four things that are advantageous and lead to happiness hereafter.

The venerableIV. Grounds for giving, IV.

This is also a detailed presentation of the cultivation of serenity based on ‘light’ which is said to be the samadhi most conducive sihhala yielding knowledge and vision. The decay of Passion c IV.

Vinaya ChullaVagga Pali 1. Please telephone for dates. Bodhi, based on commentary]. An elegant sutta describing the instructions given Anuruddha which lead to his becoming an arahant. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Aṅguttara Nikāya Index

The series comprises of 40 volumes and 57 books. Declarations 1 Eight considerations or manners of giving of the good man praised by those with insight. A list of eight achievements helpful for evaluating one’s progress in the system, with detailed explanation of each. Form an ‘aspiration’ this way: One answer to the Eighth Question. First one must understand that the deliverances are not ‘the final deliverance’ as in Nibbana.


Mara rejoyces but overplays his hand, pushing for the Buddha to enter PariNibbana immediately. Identical with AN 8. However, this wonderful work was done by one great buddhist friend Mr.

Sutta Pitaka in Sinhalese

Giving, Olds translation WP: The Buddha tells Visakha of four things that, for women, lead to power in this world, and four that lead to power in the next. The root of thingsIV. The Buddha tells Mara not to be impatient for he will do so within three months thereby renouncing the remainder of his lifespan possible.

On the other hand it does not seem unreasonable to think that the identical sutta was in fact delivered 27 times under very similar circumstances.

The episode depicting the circumstances causing the Buddha to refrain thereafter from leading the bhikkhus in the recitation of the Patimokkha: Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. The Wonderful Dhamma in the Sutta pitaka. Bondage 1 We added these great electronic version of thripitaka books to this site, in order to keep all under one umbrella for Savanata Sisilasa listners.

An oddity, this sutta consists of only verses, and verses unlikely to have been spoken by the Buddha at that. Meditators must dress in white throughout their stay White clothing is available for foreigners. Eight conditions which conduce to failure for a bhikkhu in training; eight which conduce to success.


Six factors which, depending on their presence or absense in a person in eight combinations make for sufficiency in being of benefit to either the self or others or both. Lack of Confidence, Organize the calendar according to the convenience of the merchant in the seven-day work-week and the mind naturally concludes that the goal of the merchant the buck is the source of balance in the world.

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FYI – These are not hard bound World 27: In both the case of the jhanas and the deliverances, Nibbana is attained upon conscious realization of liberation. The ending of Passion a IV. How sknhala progression of interdependent steps from paying attention to memory to knowing and seeing freedom fails when paying attention to memory is missing and succeeds when it is present.

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. About Hatthaka 1Thanissaro Bhikkhu, trans. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Vinaya Mahavagga Pali 2.

Majjhima Nikaya 1