In language and tone, I find Andre Gide’s The Immoralist reminding me much of the work of J.M. Coetzee, specifically Disgrace. Both authors use a very pared. There is an oft-cited sentence in André Gide’s journal entry for March 28, , in which Rereading Gide’s The Immoralist () recently that is indeed how I. Gide, Andre: The Immoralist (new tr by Richard Howard).

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The Immoralist by André Gide

How long did we stay there? Finally, pushing my thought to its logi- cal conclusion, I showed Culture, born of life, as the destroyer of life. Facing me lay the little courtyard; the wall opposite cast a slanting band of shadow across it; the regular palm-trees, bereft of color and life, seemed struck for ever motionless.

View all 39 comments. At the touch of new sensations, certain portions of me awoke — certain sleeping faculties, which, from not having as yet been used, had kept all their mysterious fresh- ness.

Oh, what, 1 wonder, will you think of our friend? Our betrothal took place at my dying father’s imoralist, without laughter but not without a certain grave joy, so great was the peace it brought him.

Reading group: A slap in the face from André Gide’s The Immoralist

A few leisurely talks lessened our shyness still more. He has a reputation for being disaffected with society, and this reputation attracts Michel.

But this is not the whole lot of the problem here, our protagonist Michel and writer Gide are entwined together so much and deep that it is not possible to ignore the autobiographical acclaim of the story. It was worth nothing; and if they made no use of it, it was because no use could be made of it. To do so, he sacrifices wife, career, and wealth. All they can offer to your thirst is a still more cruel fierceness — yet lying on the golden sand they are not without a beauty of their own.

Marceline came back at that mo- ment. I had only just been born and could not as yet know what I had been born. We are initially excited iimmoralist his sexual awakening and burgeoning awareness of his own sensual beauty. That would have been about two years after it was published and about two years before Picasso started distorting eyes and mouths and jaws and limbs in his painted prostitutes. He learns of the Heurtevent family and their morally corrupt behavior.


Is that why Gide married? Marceline was very pretty. The immorapist carries the concepts of: For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. I did not then imoralist how great a hold the early moral lessons of our childhood take of one, nor what marks they leave upon the mind.

The novel was adapted into a play of the same name by Augustus and Ruth Goetz. She was a Catholic and I a Protestant. Marceline, at my suggestion, immoalist over the ac- counts minutely, but could find nothing wrong with them; Bocage’s honesty was displayed on every page.

Had I ever enjoyed before such rest, such happiness? And as she was pouring it out, a little pale herself, but very calm and smiling, a kind of irritation seized me to think she had not had the sense to see anything.

For a start, the book apparently sold only odd copies in the first few years of its existence. The immofalist privilege he uses when Arab boys begin to take his fancy.

This land of pleasure satisfies without calming desire; indeed, every satisfaction merely exalts it. The public nowadays immoraliist not forgive an author who, after relating an action, does not declare himself either for or against it; more than this, dur- ing the very course of the drama they want him to take sides, pronounce in favor either of Alceste or Philinte, of Hamlet or Ophelia, of Faust or Mar- garet, of Adam or Jehovah.

One morning I had a curious revelation as to my own character; Moktir, the only one of my wife’s proteges who did not irritate me because of his good looks perhapswas alone with me in my room; up till then, I had not cared much about him, but there was something strange, I thought, in the brilliant and sombre expression of his eyes.

Your email address will not be published. An awakening for him both sexually and morally, Michel discovers a new freedom in seeking to live according to his immora,ist desires. The water in the pond was muddy and soon became more and more thick and troubled owing to the agitation of the fish.

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At first I could see gie because of a turn in the road, which in that place follows the edge of the cliff; then ander carriage driven at a frantic pace dashed suddenly into view; it was Marceline’s. He must have some occupation.

The Immoralist

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The next day, she had to go out about ten o’clock; I took advantage of this.

What kind of thing had illness made me that I should have felt inclined to cry at seeing her return without Bachir? In what way can Michel serve society? I have never been a brilliant talker; the frivolity, the wit, the spirit of fashionable drawing-rooms, were things in which I could take no pleasure; yet in old days I had frequented some of these salons — but how long ago that seemed!

Now that I amdre less absorbed by my malady, my life became once more certain of itself and conscious. The few readers who were disposed to interest them- selves in Michel’s adventure did so gied to reprobate him with all the superiority of their kind hearts.

Inasmuch as I was a specialist, I ap- peared to myself senseless; inasmuch as I was a man, did I know myself at all? Up till then, my breathlessness had made me dread the stairs and I had not dared to leave the terrace; in the last days of January I at last went down and ventured into the garden.

It was what I was waiting for: I loved a few friends you were among thembut it was not so much my friends I loved as friendship — it was a craving for high-mindedness that made my devotion to them so great; I cherished in myself each and all of my fine feelings.